While the whole world is following the stay-at-home structure, the social media market has surged. A lot of people are getting involved in these platforms, and are trying to reinvent themselves. While some businesses might want to give a pause to their production, some companies are taking advantage of this situation. Since everyone knows that social media is facing the highest interaction of all times at this moment, this is one of the best time for organizations to make use of the audience engagement and get ahead of their competitors in this game. So, we bring you the top 15-tips for adjusting your social media strategy during COVID-19.

What are the tips that you must follow?

You need to understand that more than half of the population in the entire world is currently active on social media. These platforms have become a mode of communication, news, and network. So, taking advantage of that factor will act in your benefit. Here are some of the tips that you can follow:

  • Stay consistent and updated – everything on the internet is wildly dynamic. What was working a week ago may not work now. So, you must keep yourself and your brand voice updated. You need to stay up to date with the current environment. Besides, you have to assess your consumers that you are ready for all kinds of changes regularly.

  • Be kind – use of malicious, unkind, or inappropriate language may be the worst idea ever. If you are handling your business account yourself, then it is your job to ensure that you always represent yourself in a kind manner. If anyone else is controlling your social media platforms, then you need to ensure that they keep in mind that under no circumstances should they use insensitive language. People in this pandemic will disregard you highly if you end up causing any harm in terms of words.
  • Keep communicating – your employees and your consumers need to know everything about your business. It is their right to know what safety measures you are taking, changes in hours, your office timing, festival updates, etc.
  • Support your community – it is your job to share on-brand community support and show initiative led by your company to assess your employees, clients, and your community. It will not only encourage your employees but will improve your goodwill in the market.
  • Impart your knowledge – you may have some expertise upon different topics, management, leadership, Etc, you can use your time to share that knowledge with your audience and viewers. A proactive approach towards the community will benefit you in the long run. You can share your experiences regarding the pandemic and ensure your viewers that they are not alone in this situation. It gives peace of mind to the people around you and imparts positivity.
  • Educate your audience – share content and blog that is your area of expertise. Highlight the data that you feel is highly relatable and most important. You can share the information that will spread awareness and positivity, and also ensure that it collaborates with your brand and products. This way, your audience will feel connected to you and would want to stay in contact no matter what.
  • Connect with the youth – children and the teenagers are getting extremely bored these days; as such, posting something that they relate with will improve your chances of gaining engagement. You can consider career chats, creative and fun activities, and competitions, such as art competition, music competition, Etc, handing attractive rewards and bonuses will keep the kids, as well as their parents, engaged with you.

  • Gather content – when you lack content to post online, asking content from your audience may not be a bad idea. It will show that you respect the thoughts of your audience and want to share it with the world. Of course, the type of content and whether or not it is appropriate is dependent on you, but asking your audience for content will improve your reach.
  • Try creating a multi-way conversation – the conversation where you are posting something, and your audience is reacting to it is now old-fashioned. At this stage, having a two-way communication is one of the best methods of increasing audience engagement. You can conduct polls, post stories asking people to communicate with you, you can post content requesting your viewers to share their opinion with you and others.
  • Explore as many platforms as possible – it is necessary to stay on the most popular platforms because almost everyone is present there. If you want to increase your target market, then you must try as many social media platforms as possible. This way, you get to communicate with the maximum number of people.
  • Unique videos – people not only post images but attractive videos on their social media platforms. You can also try experimenting and sending exclusive videos with your audience to keep them tagged to your page.
  • Launch organic and authentic campaigns – you must have seen several pages and sites posting content with hashtags on them. You can also try hand-picking distinctive and eccentric tags that go along with the products or services you offer and also allow the users to walk along with the trend.
  • Should you start advertisement campaigns? – it depends on what kind of business you own. If it is a travel agency, then an ad will act redundantly, but if you are offering products or other services that they consumers can use in this pandemic, you should try inducing methods of doing it.

  • Approve content in advance – because almost everyone is working remotely, at times, people might face network issues, so it is your job to ensure that there is extra content pre-approved for the future.
  • Keep a track – it is necessary to keep tracking your performance to judge how your organization is doing in the market so that you can take the required steps as and when needed.

So, these were the top 15-tips for adjusting your social media strategy during COVID-19. We hope that it acts as a successful tool for you.