Making it in the modern business world is difficult. And the advent of the internet has been both a blessing and a curse to so many small businesses and large corporations. Increased advertising possibilities have also been met with a flooded marketplace and more competition. The one issue with the web being worldwide is that you have to now face the entire world.

Megacorporations have millions of dollars to throw at real-world marketing schemes. Plastering their logos everywhere and filming extravagant television adverts. It might seem like it is a hopeless battle in getting your business noticed in today’s competitive market.

But today we are going to be looking at an area of internet technology and business that is often overlooked, yet it can take a company from a relative unknown to the top of their respective field. And that is Search Engine Optimisation.


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, often simply called SEO, is as it sounds. Optimizing your ranking on a search engine. But what does that mean?

When you search for something online you are presented with a seemingly endless list of links and phone numbers relating to your search. SEO is the process of making sure your website appears higher up on the list. How often have you ever actually looked on the second page of Google for something?

SEO works by making use of the algorithms used by search engines to see what is relevant. The main way of doing this is through keywords and links. If a website talks about dental care a lot, it is more likely to appear when people search the world ‘dental.’

A good example is when I was looking for an SEO company in Perth. I typed in the words SEO and Perth and the first result I found had these words appearing many times on its page. Another way to boost website standing is to have other sites talking about it or linking to it. Every reference to a particular site on another site will boost its ranking.


How It Can Help

You might be thinking you can now go to your site and just start slapping keywords everywhere you can. But it doesn’t work like that. Our explanation is in extremely simple terms.

You would most likely need to hire an SEO specialist if you want to utilize it to improve your business standing. They will have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal. But how exactly can their services help your business?



The most obvious answer is, of course, it will boost your visibility massively. It could mean the difference between ten hits on your site a day, to have a few thousand visitors daily. And in business terms, this equates to more sales and more profit down the line.

SEO services often also involve overhauling your website systems and UI. This means your site will generally become more streamlined and user friendly. If someone finds your link and is met with a messy, disorganized page, chances are they won’t make use of your services. Whereas a good looking, well-organized website will encourage people to stay and hopefully hire you.



SEO services often involve working with other sites to create a network. This network is designed to bring different sites together to reference each other to boost your standing on search engines. This is a double fold advantage for your company.

Firstly, the advantages of the search engine boost you will receive is fantastic. But more importantly, it puts you in touch with different businesses. Making connections is the cornerstone of a successful business. You can share information and tips with one another. Help direct new clients to each other and generally build favorable relations within the community.

Utilizing Search Engine Optimisation is a powerful strategy that can raise your business to the next level. So take our advice and invest in some proper SEO services today and thank us when you start reaping the rewards.