In a lot of first-world countries, health care is free. Provided as an obvious basic human right. In some less developed first-world countries it isn’t free. The biggest example being America.  And in America, there is a lot of firms offering private healthcare. You will find private health care across the globe, but mainly in America.

Today we want to look at the marketing behind private healthcare. You might think it works the same as other marketing. But this isn’t true for a few reasons. So, let’s dive in and unpack the marketing behind Private Healthcare.

The Demographic

The biggest difference between private healthcare marketing and the average companies marketing is the demographic. Specifically that the only people who can afford private healthcare have money. And a lot of it.

Private healthcare is different from health insurance. And it costs considerably more than it. It essentially means if you are sick you have access to special hospitals or doctors only available to that company. So it makes sense their marketing would target only the richest of any society.

So their marketing will always reflect this. It will often only show on channels aimed at rich people or in magazines read by those with wealth. The firms will be advertised in up-market neighborhoods and directly to potential clients.

The Imagery

These companies will often use very specific imagery to entice their clients. Normal medical advertising will show happy patients being treated in nice clean environments. Whereas private healthcare firms will instead focus on the things that make them different.

They will display information such as the fact that microcannulas is more precise than needles and they have access to them. Or boast about their new machinery and technology innovations they have access to.

They will also show off their state of the art facilities. Highlighting the clean and decedent areas in their facilities and the excessive extras that are often included such as onsite spas and hotel-like rooms. This sort of imagery seems over the top to the average consumer. And can come off as quite elitist. But to those with the money, this sort of advertising is right up their alley.

Lessons to Learn

The biggest lesson that can be learned from this type of marketing is about focusing on appealing to your target demographic. The sad truth of the world is that not every product or service is meant for everyone. So you can’t feel bad about excluding a certain class or people from your marketing ideas.

It also highlights how you need to prioritize what information you present to your demographic. You need to highlight areas of your product or service that is most going to appeal to them. This could be nice visual imagery. Or it could be information relating to why your product is worth their money.