Marketing is extremely important to any business, product, or service. If you don’t market and promote your product, then people won’t know that it exists and your sales will tank. By marketing your goods or services you’re getting them out there so that people are aware of them and if your marketing campaign is successful then it’s also going to get people to use your services or to buy your product. Marketing traditionally involved paying for adverts in newspapers so that the readers would see what you were promoting or hiring out billboards so that any cars driving past would be able to see it, these were seen as the most efficient ways to market.

However, with the technological boom, marketing massively changed. With the majority of people now having access to a smartphone and most people spending 5+ hours a day on their phones, this became the new best way to reach people and promote a product or service. Social media sites have become the new main place for companies to launch marketing campaigns, these are some of the most complex marketing campaigns as there is an algorithm and also personalized cookies which means that the adverts you see are targeting you personally, meaning you’re much more likely to buy a product or use a service. Google has also had a massive impact on marketing and is a great tool to utilize as it has an analytical feature, to find more out about this you can find google analytics for beginners answers online which should clear up any questions that you initially have. In this article, we’ll explore just how powerful Google is when it comes to marketing.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is Google’s very own marketing platform. Like any other thing that Google has set its mind to and tried to develop, it is a massive success and it will likely continue to grow in success over the next decade. Their marketing platform is the biggest online marketing platform there is, it has become one of the best places online for businesses to reach potential clients worldwide and this is the best tactic for growing your business worldwide. The platform uses a pay-per-click method of marketing, those who want to advertise their products and services pay Google to target the right users for their product. Google finds the perfect users to target based on keywords from searches, their location, and the device that they’re using to find the perfect potential customers.

How do I use Google AdWords?

Google wants as many people as possible to promote their products and services on Google AdWords so they’ve made it as easy as possible to get involved if you want to. First, you need to establish your goals of getting involved and figure out who your target audience is. The main factor to find customers is based on keywords in searches so you should conduct keyword research often during this process, then you can list the keywords that you want and make a bid for them. Following this, all you need to do is create an ad copy, make a mobile-friendly version of your ad too as more people use smartphones than PCs these days, then finally all you have left to do is place a Google Analytics code on your ad for tracking.

Does Google AdWords Really Work?

Google AdWords has been proven to be successful by both large rich businesses and smaller ones with a lower budget for advertising. It has become one of the most affordable forms of advertising and it is also seen as an easy form of advertising as it targets specific customers for you who are more likely to want your product or service, rather than just promoting to everyone. It has some great additional features too which make it even more worth the cost, for example, it allows you to easily see how much you’re spending on a marketing campaign and to set budgets if necessary. This will prevent you from ever overspending on marketing and it also allows you to see how many sales you’re making from your campaign.