Social media is the most reliable and easy way for people with a large following to promote. Instagram uses an algorithm feature, which has changed from posts being in chronological order to the amount a person interacts with a certain account. For example, a person may follow an account that promotes beauty; and therefore, due to the algorithm, will see more posts relating to this account than other accounts they follow

The Algorithm

The algorithm has changed so that the more a person interacts with an account, Instagram becomes aware of this and therefore filters the algorithm so that the follower will now see more posts from the account they follow, as well as related content from other similar accounts. This change in algorithm has affected smaller accounts with a lesser following. This may be why you might be getting less likes. Accounts with a higher number of followers are more likely to be seen than an account with a smaller following. This has caused a decrease in the number of likes many people have been receiving due to the switch from the previous chronological algorithm.


Another reason for the decrease in popularity is the lack of content. To maintain a consistent place on the Instagram feed, it is necessary to have a continuous posting schedule. If this fails, your place on the feed may become unstable and therefore cause you to lose likes due to the lack of content people are seeing.  You may notice that once you begin to promote after your hiatus, your account interaction will have dropped. It may take time to build your account interaction back to the standard it originally was, but this is not impossible. It should be noted that the longer you spend away from promoting your account, the longer it may take to gain support on your posts. In order to maintain the consistency and popularity of your feed, it is recommended that you create a posting schedule for similar times to post throughout the week. In doing this, your account will not only maintain its stability at the top of the algorithm but will increase your likes and following.



There has been outrage in the influencer community of Instagram, as these people with a large following have seen a large decrease in interaction with their page. Influences can promote things such as skincare and fitness, which appeals to many users on the app. The decrease means that for these people, it has become harder to promote and sell items that appeal to their followers. This can further affect their income, as social media influencers have started to gain money from posting promotions for companies they work with. This change has caused a loss of income for small business owners on social media also. Many rely on the interactions they have with their followers in order to promote their small businesses to gain income, but the change in algorithm has affected this. It can be said that many small business owners are struggling without the interaction that is needed in order to build their business, and this has caused a decline in their sales; therefore, they are not making any profit.


Many Instagram users would prefer to use the app if it returned to its original chronological algorithm as this way it caters to every user fairly. Many users are becoming frustrated and businesses are largely affected by this change. However, many users are turning to social media managers in order to increase their account; social media managers are experts in the ways of using social algorithms in order to promote the best content for their clients to increase their platform.