In terms of business opportunities that have always and will always be around, marketing is at the top of the list. For as long as there has been trading and selling, there has been marketing. Though it has evolved over the years, the basics of marketing have remained the same.  

Marketing has many aspects to it, so you may be surprised to know that many fields of study can be utilized in the world of marketing. If you are someone who has recently left university with very little idea of what you can do with your degree, you may be surprised to know that there is a high chance that your degree could be used to start off your career in marketing. I bet you were never told that when you were sitting your CFA level 3 mock exam. Here are fields of study which lend themselves to marketing.  


Design or art degrees 

An ongoing joke among university students is that art degrees are useless. This really isn’t the case as design and art degrees actually open you up to a world of potential employment. One of the most important parts of marketing a product or service is branding. Branding is made up of a number of elements, but one of the most important aspects of branding is visual branding.  

Every brand needs a logo and general design scheme that represents what the brand stands for. Most businesses decide to outsource for this as it needs to be done just right in order to catch the attention of any potential customers. Your average business folk does not have the artistic ability of someone that has earned an art degree, so someone who has the ability to completely create the look of a brand is extremely valuable in the world of marketing.  

Some businesses even take on creative directors that must have the ability to visualize a brand, which is something that you are taught about while completing your degree, so you will stand out quite a lot in the employment pool. 

Business degree 

Though this may seem obvious, not a lot of people are aware of just how multi-faceted business degrees are. Business degrees cover a large sector of marketing, from branding to creating a USP.  

Depending on where you decide to study, most business degrees offer the opportunity for you to physically test out and increase your marketing abilities. A business degree really teaches you the ins and outs of every step of starting and owning a business and if you have studied a business degree, you will know that every business depends on effective marketing. Marketing is extremely complex, so to be able to study it before venturing out into the world of employment will be extremely beneficial to you.  


Another subject that may take you by surprise is maths. Though it may not be obvious, maths is actually a really big part of marketing. Something that you need to be able to do is understand pricing and brand comparison.  

Your business will never succeed if there is someone out there that is offering something similar at a cheaper price, so having an understanding of the figures can be extremely valuable to a business. Much like art, being able to have an understanding of maths doesn’t come to everyone. If you are someone that has a good understanding of maths, then you will be seen as a valuable commodity in the world of marketing.  

One of the biggest parts of marketing is setting the right price point for a product. No matter how good the product is, people will not pay for it if it is way too expensive. You also need to take into consideration the costs of creating your product, as well as other outgoing costs that the business may have. It takes a lot of work to figure out the best price in terms of marketing and so if this falls within your skillset, you could prove to be extremely valuable.  


If you have ever owned a business or have knowledge of running a business, then you will know that there are a lot of legal hurdles that you have to jump into when it comes to marketing. There are many legal limitations that can be put in place when marketing a business, from branding to design, everything needs to be legally covered.  

Many businesses have trademarks on some of their marketing features, so having a good understanding of business law can be very useful in the world of marketing. There are ways to get around any legal conflict with other brands, but to be able to do it you have to be sure that you are being careful, so legal knowledge is always useful.