You can view the story once you find the profile you are interested in. If you want to learn more about the story, you can preview it or select the ‘Read’ option at the bottom of the screen when it starts playing. Snapchat will offer you more actions if you tap on the story.

How Do I Look At Someone’s Story On Snapchat?

The first step is to launch the Snapchat application and log in with your credentials. You now need to tap on the Stories icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen. 3. Once you are on the Stories page, refresh the screen and wait for all the stories to load.

How Can You View A Snapchat Story Without Them Knowing?

  • Open the Snapchat app once the internet is turned on (WiFi or cellular).
  • The Snapchat Stories will appear when you swipe left.
  • You should close the app completely, not just go back to the home screen.
  • Ensure that WiFi and cellular data are not enabled when you turn on Airplane mode.
  • Why Can’t I See Friends Stories On Snapchat?

    There are many reasons, but the main one is that they haven’t shared the story in 24 hours. They block you. It is their privacy settings that prevent the public from seeing their stories.

    Can You View A Snapchat Story Without Them Knowing?

    You’ll be notified with the list of people who watched your picture if you post a picture on your Snapchat account for a good 24 hours. However, if you wish to view someone’s Snapchat story without their knowledge, Snapchat does not provide this feature to you.

    Can You See Past Stories On Snapchat?

    In most cases, if you have not forgotten to tap on the save button, you will find your previous stories on the camera roll. You will be able to view your stories from the camera roll folder or from the memories after you configure these settings.

    Can Someone Tell How Many Times I Look At Their Snapchat Story?

    There are some things you cannot find out: Snap Stories can be watched multiple times, unlike regular Snapchats. There will be no way to find out how many times someone has watched your story with the app.

    What Does It Mean When You Can’t See Someone’s Story On Snapchat?

    You follow them, but they do not add you back to their list. It is possible to view their story, but you cannot view yours. You cannot message each other until they do so.

    Can You Not See Someones Story On Snapchat?

    Snaps can be muted by tapping and holding on the friend whose Story you wish to mute on the Friends screen. To access more, tap “More.”. The third step is to toggle the toggle to the right of “Mute Story” to turn off this friend’s story.

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