You can post a moment on WeChat by opening the main page and selecting the Discover icon. On the next page, select moments from the list. The camera icon is located in the top right corner. You can use a gallery image by selecting Take Photo or Choosing Existing. You can add a caption to the text box that appears.

Who Can See Your Moments On Wechat?

As a general rule, your friends are the only ones who can see your posts on Moments. As a result, many WeChat users now have a more private and free place to share photos and discuss without fear of strangers or stalkers.

Do Wechat Moments Disappear?

You can decide how you view your friends’ moments based on your own perspective. You can delete all of the moments or block you if you click on the moments on your friends’ profile page and discover there is nothing but a line.

Can You Search Moments On Wechat?

iOS 6 has been updated to WeChat. The new version of WeChat (29) launched yesterday includes a search feature for WeChat moments. By doing this, you can search your friend’s moments by the minute.

How Long Does Wechat Moments Last?

Your Moments will show their updates again after that. If you select Last 6 months/Last 3 days/All, you will see a Visible to Friends button on the Me > Settings > Privacy > Settings page, and moments you posted before your selected time limit will be hidden from friends on the Friends page.

Why Can’t I See Someone’s Moments On Wechat?

The [Disover] page in WeChat does not have a moment option. If this is the case, you will need to refer to the moment options in [Me]–[moment Setting]–[General]–[Manage Discover] to turn on the option.

How Can I See All Moments In Wechat?

Your friend’s name should be typed in. You can see their moments after selecting them, and there will be an option at the top to select based on time. You can then select to see your friend’s moments from all the way back to April 2012 when WeChat Moments was launched (WeChat Version 4).

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You From Seeing Their Moments On Wechat?

You can share your Steps in Minutes or even as a message to a friend or group chat once the feature has been activated. When you determine that you no longer have access to a contact’s Walking Steps, they will block you from sending messages or viewing their Moments.

How Do I Block Someone From Seeing My Moments On Wechat?

You can hide his or her posts from their profile page by clicking the “…” button in the top right corner, then Privacy. In addition, you can also prevent certain people from seeing your moments while you remain friends with them. You can hide your posts from their profile page by clicking the “…” button in the top right corner, then Privacy.

How Do You Know If You Have Been Blocked On Wechat?

A red exclamation mark will appear if you are blocked. You will also see a message that says “This message has been successfully sent but rejected by the recipient.”. You can still comment on their moments if you are blocked, but they won’t appear in your feed if you are blocked.

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