You can manage your information and authorizations by going to the Me tab > Settings > Privacy > My Information & Authorizations > Authorizations > Manage. To deauthorize an app or website, find it, tap “Delete” next to it, and then click “Apply”.

How Do I Remove Linked Account From Pubg Mobile?

You can delete PUBG Mobile account by scrolling down and clicking on ‘Revoke Access’ in account > Apps and Sessions > PUBG Mobile.

How Do I Unlink A Game From Pubg?

  • Play Games is available for Android phones and tablets.
  • Select More. Settings at the top of the screen.
  • To delete your Play Games account and data, tap Delete Play Games account & data.
  • To remove individual game data, find it under “Delete individual game data,” then tap “Delete.”.
  • How Do You Unbind A Pubg?

    If you only have your account linked to one service, you cannot unlink it, so be sure to link it to another (such as Google Play or Apple ID) through the Basic tap in the Settings menu before attempting to remove it.

    How Can I Delete My Wechat Account From Pubg?

    Log in. To delete an account, tap “Delete Account” at the bottom of the screen in “Settings”. It is not a good idea to log in for seven days.

    How Do I Unlink My Pubg Account?

  • PUBG Mobile can be accessed using your Google account if your account is also linked to a Google account.
  • If you are having trouble recovering your Facebook account, you can contact their support department.
  • Please contact PUBG Mobile support if you need assistance.
  • How Do I Recover My Unlinked Pubg Account?

  • In order to begin the data transfer process, the player must log into the BGMI and accept the terms and conditions….
  • In Step 2 of the process, you will be asked whether you wish to proceed with the transfer of data.
  • You will see a window after clicking on Agree.
  • How Do I Change My Linked Account On Pubg?

  • Play the ‘PUBG’ game.
  • You can access the game setting by clicking on it.
  • To access the basic options, tap the ‘basic’ option.
  • You can unlink your saved accounts by tapping the ‘unlink accounts’ option.
  • How Do I Delete A Second Pubg Mobile Account?

    You can select Setting (gear icon) in the lobby of PUBG Mobile. To begin, tap “Basic”. “Delete Account” can be selected.

    How Do I Delete My Pubg Linked Games?

  • You can access the Settings App by going to the main menu.
  • To access Google, tap the search box.
  • You will need to select Account Services.
  • Connected Apps can be found under Accounting Services.
  • Tap on PUBG Mobile when you reach the bottom of the page.
  • You can select Disconnect from the list.
  • How Do I Unlink A Game From Game Center?

    To remove the Game Center app, you must go to settings, general, iPhone or iPad storage, wait for your apps to load, then find the app you want to remove. You can delete an app by swiping left on the app.

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