The translate message feature can be accessed by long-pressing on a message and then tapping the arrow icon on the right-hand side, just like the WeChat app for iOS devices that lets users translate messages. Tapping Translate in the popup menu now allows users to translate any message they long-press.

How Do I Automatically Translate Text Messages?

  • Copy text from an app and open it.
  • Copy the text you wish to translate after you have highlighted it.
  • Tap Google Translate on your current screen.
  • You can choose the language you want to use.
  • Can Wechat Auto Translate?

    I believe it can be done. You can translate a message by long pressing on it and clicking on the translate button on the popup menu. You can use WeChat in English. The language can be changed by going to Me>Settings>General>Language if you have downloaded the app.

    Can You Translate Text Messages?

    If you already have the Google Translate application installed on your Android device, you can update it or install the Google Translate application to translate your SMS. Tap the Menu (three horizontal lines) icon in the app after it has opened. You can enable the option by selecting Settings > Tap to Translate.

    How Do I Translate Messages On Wechat?

    You can access the chat section of the WeChat app by opening it. Translate the chat you wish to translate by tapping it. You can translate a message by tapping it and holding it until a menu appears. If you choose “Translate”, the message will be translated into the language of your phone.

    Can Iphone Automatically Translate Text Messages?

    Text, voice, and conversations can be translated between any of the supported languages using the Translate app. The device does not require an internet connection to translate languages, even if you do not have one. You can translate supported languages here.

    How Do I Turn Off Automatic Translation On Messenger?

  • Select your preferred language by tapping on your profile photo > Settings > General > Content translation > Translate content into.
  • Select the type of display you prefer under Translation display.
  • Toggle the switch at the bottom to turn on Auto-translation.
  • How Do I Disable Itranslate?

    If you wish to cancel your account, you can do so by sending an email to [email protected] com.

    Is There A Messaging App That Automatically Translates?

    Gboard now automatically translates text after you tap the Translate icon, rather than typing it out with Now on Tap or typing it into Google’s dedicated Translate app.

    Is There An Automatic Translator?

    Google Translate for Android has been updated this morning with a new feature called Tap to Translate. In other apps, Translate will appear automatically after you highlight text in a foreign language using the Translate feature.

    Can You Translate A Text Message On Iphone?

    Translate some text from your iPhone into your Mac. Your Homescreen will appear when you log in. Let go of the Paste after you have translated * [Language].

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