The WeChat app launches comments on time capsules. To record a time capsule, simply go to “Me” and swipe down. Your time capsule can even be customized with stickers, texts, songs, and your location.

What Does Time Capsule Mean On Wechat?

The new Time Capsule feature is available on WeChat, China’s social media giant. Users and fashion brands can post temporary videos and content that will disappear after 24 hours, similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

What Should I Put In My Friend’s Time Capsule?

  • I was glad I saw a picture of myself with my high school friends.
  • Make a time capsule by writing your children a letter and sealing it up (BEFORE they have read it)….
  • Lists…
  • Prices and wages.
  • Labels…..
  • stubs of movies.
  • Receipts for gas purchases.
  • Receipts for groceries.
  • How Long Does Wechat Moments Last?

    Your Moments will show their updates again after that. If you select Last 6 months/Last 3 days/All, you will see a Visible to Friends button on the Me > Settings > Privacy > Settings page, and moments you posted before your selected time limit will be hidden from friends on the Friends page.

    How Do I Use Time Capsule On Wechat?

    As of this year, Time Capsule has been a simple way to share funny moments or short pet videos with friends. You can begin recording your own Time Capsule by tapping the camera icon in the upper right-hand corner of the “Me” tab. You will be able to share it with friends for 24 hours after you tap the camera icon.

    What Is The Blue Circle On Wechat?

    As opposed to Instagram, WeChat is asking users to find the instant videos in less conspicuous ways: On Moments, in a group chat or in one’s starred friend list, a blue ring will appear near the profile of those who have recorded.

    What Should I Put In My Time Capsule 2021 With Friends?

  • From the day they were born, the newspaper.
  • A rattle or spoon is the first thing you should use.
  • I like this outfit the most.
  • Pictures.
  • The baby’s letter.
  • A recording of baby coos and giggles.
  • An invitation to a birthday party and a birth announcement.
  • A hand and a footprint are two things you should keep in mind.
  • What Should You Not Put In A Time Capsule?

    Rubber bands, staples, and paper clips should not be used. Keeping documents separated between items is easy when you use a permanent paper sheet. If you want to show who donated the item, you can write on the paper or use paper forms made from donated items. Your time capsule will be enriched by these donation forms.

    Should You Bury A Time Capsule?

    It may not be the best idea to use time capsules. With care, items can be kept in home living rooms and closets. It is possible for items to be damaged by extreme temperatures and humidity in attics and basements. In some cases, burying items is considered risky as a way to preserve them.

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