Go to http://www. and click on the “Open” button. weiyun. You can log in to your WeChat account by scanning the QR code on the website. If it is a large video file, it may take a while for it to upload. You can share it in several ways once it’s done. You can paste the link into a chat thread and copy and paste it.

How Do I Share Mp4 On Wechat?

You can copy and paste the URL of your videos into the Text box in WeChat Moments by long pressing the Camera icon. You can also publish the video link by tapping the Send button. Launch the WeChat app on your smartphone, go to Discover > Moments, then long press the Camera

How Do You Send Videos On Wechat?

The iPhone allows you to send photos videos in original size via Wechat. You can long press the file in the file manager, then choose Open with option, and select WeChat, after which you will be able to select anyone in WeChat and send the selected file.

Why Can’t I Send Videos On Wechat?

If your phone is running out of storage space, you may not be able to load images, import videos, send or upload files to WeChat if you have not enough storage space. If you are in these situations, you should manage your current WeChat Chat history. You can manage your storage by going to “Me > Settings > General > Manage Storage”.

How Do I Send Files On Wechat?

You can use the WeChat client on your PC or Mac by opening it and signing in. The WeChat interface will open with a new window that asks you to “File Transfer.”. By dragging the files you wish to transfer directly to the message dialog, you can enter them into the message dialog.

Can I Send Video Through Wechat?

The WeChat platform is a great way to send videos. By automatically shrinking large videos or photos before sending, WeChat can help you save bandwidth and data usage. The file can be sent much faster this way.

What Is The Maximum File Size For Wechat?

The file size limit has been raised to 100MB for sending files in chats. You can also share files up to 100MB in size when using WeChat’s mobile app.

Can You Share Videos On Wechat?

Since WeChat V6, you can post and share videos on WeChat & WeChat moments. You can post videos to WeChat Moments using WeChat Sight. Users of WeChat can share 6-second video clips with their contacts through Chats or Moments using sight features.

What Video Format Does Wechat Support?

Video Format for WeChat Stories WeChat recommends a minimum of 500p in width and height for videos. The Clipchamp Video Converter can convert non-compatible videos into MP4, MOV, but Clipchamp always exports in MP4.

What Is Wechat Video Size Limit?

You can only transfer files less than 20M each if you are using WeChat for mobile. A maximum file size limit cannot be exceeded. It is therefore illegal to send very large videos with original resolution or quality that are larger than 20M.

Why Wechat Cannot Send Photos?

Can I send photos if I can’t?? Here are some tips for troubleshooting:. Sending photos via WeChat requires a minimum file size of 10MB or a minimum image size of 1000*1000 pixels. The photos must also be compressed (or JPG or PNG) in order to be viewed.

Can You Send Files Through Wechat?

You can circumvent the limitation of the WeChat app by downloading a file manager app. The app only supports sending photos and videos.

How Can I Send Large Files On Wechat?

You can install Weiyun on your phone by simply clicking the link below. You can upload the file from your phone to Weiyun by logging into your WeChat ID. You can then share the file directly to your friend on WeChat by selecting the share icon.

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