By selecting the’more’ option after holding down the content you want to email, you can send more emails. Then select ’email’ from the list. After that, the content will be emailed to you from WeChat.

Can You Forward Audio In Wechat?

It is also not possible to forward audio messages. If you hold down a bubble in WeChat, you can automatically convert audio messages into text messages.

How Do I Leave A Voice Message On Wechat?

You can send a voice message by clicking here. You can switch the bottom bar into Hold to Talk mode by tapping the voice button in the lower left hand corner of the screen when you are in a conversation on WeChat. The button can be held down, talked on, and released to be sent. It is recommended that you limit the length of each voice message to 60 seconds.

How Can I Send Mail From Gmail To Wechat?

Your phone should be scanned with the QR code to log in. Find out what files you want to transfer on your Android or iPhone by searching for the photo, video, document, or other file. By tapping the “Share” button, you can share the file. You can then share your WeChat photos by selecting the app.

How Do I Email A Video From Wechat?

The Photos app on iPhone can be opened, the video can be found in the Camera Roll, the Share icon can be selected, then the video can be compressed and attached automatically to an email on iPhone. Send your email to anyone you wish and then compose it.

How Do I Save Audio Messages From Wechat?

You can now open the chat in which you received the audio messages from WeChat. The context menu will appear once you press the voice message long enough. Go to the menu and select Add to Favorites. You can add more voice messages to your Favorites in WeChat for Android by repeating the steps.

How Do You Post Audio On Wechat?

Open your file manager app on your Android phone and browse to the music or songs that you want to send to other WeChat users. If you hold down the file in your Android file manager, you can then access the Share option or similar options to transfer the selected file.

Where Are Wechat Voice Messages Stored?

You store your voice messages in the “voice2” folder. or Share. When the sharing pop-up menu appears, it will list a list of apps and locations where you can share the file. If you do not see the sharing icon or link, you will need to share the files individually.

Why Do Chinese People Send Voice Messages?

Power plays are the ultimate. You can record your message on WeChat by pressing a button and typing it in. This is just another way to send text messages that can be interchanged with other types of messages.

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