You can post only text-only moments on WeChat by opening the app and selecting Discover at the bottom. On the next page, select moments. The camera icon can be found in the top right corner. Your Moment text will appear in the box that appears. As you would normally, select Location, Share to or @Mention.

How Do You Post On Wechat?

To create a new Weitie, click the left-most menu at the bottom of the screen and choose whether you want to use pictures or text. We will use pictures and text for this demonstration. A message will then be sent to you asking what type of post you would like to create.

What Are Moments On Wechat?

In the Moments feed of WeChat, users can share status updates, pictures, and videos with their friends (or a select group of friends). There are specific categories of content available on WeChat Moments, such as: Photos: users can share up to nine photos per post. Images can be pre-saved or taken directly in the app.

What Is Moments On Wechat?

WeChat’s Moments feature (**) is a fundamental part of its functionality. You can post text-based updates, upload up to nine images, and share videos and articles, just as you would on Facebook or Twitter.

Can You Like Posts On Wechat?

It is possible to “like” and “comment” on the posts of your friends. You can rest assured that your privacy is protected when you use Moments because only your WeChat friends can see your posts and likes, not your friends’ friends.

How Do I See Posts On Wechat?

You can choose moments once you have updated your settings. Your friend’s name should be typed in. You will be able to see their moments after selecting them, and you can choose when to do so based on their time of day.

Can I Post Video On Wechat?

There is a Help Center on WeChat. What is the process for posting t to Moments? With the latest version of WeChat, you can use Camera to record a video in Moments. You can record a short video by tapping the camera icon in the top right corner or by tapping Choose from Album to post it.

Do Wechat Moments Disappear?

You can decide how you view your friends’ moments based on your own perspective. You can delete all of the moments or block you if you click on the moments on your friends’ profile page and discover there is nothing but a line.

How Do You Know If Someone Hide Their Moments On Wechat?

Quora: How to find out if someone hid their WeChat moments. You can view the album of that person by clicking on their profile. In the event that they have blocked you, you will see their cover photo, and below that, you will see a feint gray divider line between the two.

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