When you type in certain keywords to your friends and family on WeChat, you will see falling emoticons. When WeChatters type in “Happy Birthday,” “Miss You” or “XOXO,” they will always fall down the list of favorite emoticons. Don’t just take our word for it, though.

What Words Make Things Fall In Wechat?

There are built-in animations in WeChat that react to specific messages people commonly type. If you type in’miss you’ in any language and press send, you will see a star appear. You will see kisses rain if you type in ‘xoxo’. You can watch birthday cakes rain from the sky if you wish someone ‘Happy Birthday’.

How Do I Add Emotes To Wechat?

You can see the smiley icon next to the input text box when you are in chat conversation with an individual or group. You will be able to choose from a variety of options and icons in the emoji keyboard. Send an icon by selecting it from the list. You can find emojis symbols by swiping left.

How Do Fireworks Work In Wechat?

The emojis are also animated in full-screen mode with the addition of the words “bomb,” “celebration,” and “fireworks”. You can see the animation on the screen when you send or receive these three emojis, and emojis will make the chat dynamic (‘blow up on your screen’), making it more fun.

What Does Onlooker Emoji Mean?

You are speechless now, as it was ambiguous when it was released. It is interesting to see the “Onlooker”. Watermelons are a natural part of the sender’s mind for a Westerner. As in the United States, this is the equivalent of breaking out the popcorn and watching a drama unfold, as in a fight or a disaster.

What Does The Trick Emoji Mean?

In emoji, the trick emoji is a knowing grin that indicates when something is funny, entertaining, or interesting. You can say “oooh!” with this fun expression.

Where Do I Get Stickers For Wechat?

You can access the sticker gallery by logging in to WeChat > Me. The sticker sets you wish to download can be found in the gallery. You can learn more about each sticker in the set by tapping its name.

How Do I Get Whatsapp Emojis On Wechat?

The same way Telegram stickers can be exported to WhatsApp, so can WeChat stickers. To browse the stickers available, launch WeChat and go to the chat options. You can save the sticker pack to your phone by clicking on the “Download” button in the sticker gallery.

Where Are Wechat Stickers Stored?

It is impossible to get animated stickers out of WeChat, despite millions of tutorials available on how to make them. The folder “Phone*tencent* MicroMsg*–some-md5-like-number–*emoji” appears to contain everything.

How Do I Use Status On Wechat?

You can record a 6-second video by tapping the camera icon and selecting “Sight”. In Moments, you can also share status updates or text posts. The camera icon can be activated by long pressing it in the upper right hand corner of the Moments screen.

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