The ‘drift bottle’ service on WeChat has been suspended amid allegations that it was being used to share pornography. The “drift bottle” feature, which allows users to leave messages in the virtual ocean of internet for anyone else to pick them up, has been suspended by Chinese social media giant WeChat.

How Does Message In A Bottle Work In Wechat?

Messages can be typed into a virtual bottle, placed in a virtual sea, and thrown into the virtual sea of WeChat, China’s most popular social network. Once you have received it, you wait for someone to pick it up and answer your call.

What Happened To Wechat?

The US government had sought to ban WeChat, a Chinese messaging and payment app. As of Sunday, WeChat app stores in the US had been blocked from selling a bar on the social network. In recent months, the Trump administration has alleged that it threatens national security.

Is Wechat No Longer Available?

There are still alternatives to WeChat, so you can use them while the ban is in effect. There are other messaging and social media apps available in the US even though a federal judge has temporarily blocked the sale of WeChat.

How Do I Send A Message In A Bottle?

After the bottle has been dry, place your message in it and ensure that the entire piece of paper fits. You should add a warning. You can write a warning on the outside of the bottle, such as: “Do not throw this bottle away – message inside!” Make sure that the words are clearly visible.

What Do You Write In A Message In A Bottle?

  • Describe a special event in your life (personal).
  • You are having a problem and you need help.
  • There are many trivia questions and math problems out there.
  • A joke.
  • Take a photo of yourself as a pirate or someone lost at sea.
  • You can write GPS coordinates (example: the coordinates of your house).
  • Can I Still Send Messages On Wechat?

    You can send them messages when you open up a chat window with them. The top of the message will now ask you to add them to your WeChat contacts. You will receive an email notification as soon as they send you a message. Even if you find them in a group, you cannot send them a message.

    Why Did Wechat Get Banned?

    In late 2020, President Trump further intensified the ongoing trade war between the two countries by signing two executive orders, which effectively banned the popular Chinese messaging app WeChat and the popular Chinese social media app TikTok from operating in the United States.

    Is Wechat Banned In The Us?

    The U.S. will celebrate its 50th anniversary on June 9, 2021. In an executive order, President Joe Biden lifted the ban on WeChat and TikTok.

    Is Wechat Banned In China?

    In order to comply with Chinese laws and regulations, Tencent has suspended new user registration for WeChat in China. In the United States, President Donald Trump had signed an order to ban transactions with TikTok and WeChat. In 2017, the company acquired the company. Last month, President Joe Biden revoked and replaced those actions.