* Hourglass: This is a warning that you might lose a Snapstreak with someone in the future.

How Do I Get My Snapchat Streak Back?

  • The first step is to open the Snapchat app on your device.
  • The second step is to open the settings and scroll down to the supports section.
  • You can reach me by clicking on I Need Help in step 3.
  • Click on Snapstreaks in step 4.
  • You can let us know if your snapstreak has expired by clicking on Let us know if my snapstreak has gone option in step 5.
  • Can You Get A Snapchat Streak Back After Deleting It?

    Snaps can no longer be sent to friends after you uninstall the app. Snaps are still available from friends, of course, but the Streak would be a better option since it is a two-way street. Snapstreaks are important to you, so uninstalling the app won’t help you.

    Can You Get A Snap Streak Back More Than Once?

    It is impossible to be certain whether your Snapstreak will be restored completely. A new streak can be started if it is not already established. Snapchat users use tricks to keep their streaks going. Snaps can be sent to friends by setting a daily timer.

    What Does Mean On Snapchat?



    Snapchat Hourglass

    If you see the hourglass your snapstreak is about to end. Rumor is that it will first appear after 20 hours of no snaps, meaning you have up to 4 hours left until your snapstreak breaks.

    What Does The 3 Mean On Snapchat?

    After three days of Snapchatting back and forth, a SnapStreak is created. As a result, the smallest number you will ever see next to the Flame Emoji is 3. If the streak is broken, the Flame Emoji will disappear. There will be an Hourglass Emoji warning you that the clock is running out before it disappears.

    What Does The Egg Timer Mean On Snapchat?

    In Snapchat, a timer emoji appears and shakes beside your friend’s name when your streak expires, i.e., when your streak is about to expire. You have nearly 24 hours since you sent them a message.

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