There are a lot of ways to add friends to WeChat. It can even be used to make new friends in your area by using People Nearby, Friend Radar, and Message in a Bottle. You can find People nearby by choosing the Discover tab. People nearby will see the last few posts from Moments by default.

How Do I Find Strangers On Wechat?

You can add your friend’s WeChat ID by tapping on “+” > tapping on “Add Contacts” > typing and searching the ID – and adding them. It is also possible to find people nearby who would be happy to add or talk to you. You can add friends like this by tapping “Discover” > tapping on “People Nearby” – and then by greeting and adding the friends you wish to chat with.

How Do I Fix People Nearby On Wechat?

  • Make sure the network is available.
  • After one hour, change your alias and log in again.
  • Your phone can be configured to use GPS satellite positioning to reset its location service.
  • You can then use this function again after clearing your location data and quitting People Nearby.
  • Is It Safe To Add Strangers On Wechat?

    You should not trust strangers you add or add you to or take them on dates or for car rides. etc. If you lose your mobile phone, make sure you link your Wechat account to your email and phone, this will allow you to recover your account.

    Can You Add Random People On Wechat?

    By clicking “Discover”, “People Nearby” in WeChat, you can add strangers nearby. Adding a familiar friend who is nearby is as simple as clicking “+” and adding your friend.

    How Can I Find Someone On Wechat?

  • You can search by the WeChat ID or phone number of your friend.
  • You can add it via Friend Radar.
  • You can add from your mobile contacts.
  • Scan QR Code to add.
  • Why Is My Wechat Location Not Working?

    If other apps on your phone can accurately locate you, then you should check them. You can disable your phone’s location services by clicking here. Once your phone is off, turn it back on and enable location services again.

    How Do I Enable Location On Wechat?

    To use real-time location, tap the “+” button within a chat, then choose Location. The map will now show everyone together. In addition, you can send your friends only one location at a time.

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