The main page has a Contacts link at the bottom. You can view your group chat history by tapping Group Chats.

How Do I Join A Wechat Group?

  • In the top right corner, press the “+”.
  • To begin a new chat, tap New Chat.
  • You can join a group with friends nearby by tapping Join Private Group, entering a four digit password below.
  • Are There Groups On Wechat?

    Rules for WeChat Groups The maximum number of members in a group is 500. If your bank information is linked to your WeChat account, you can only join a group when it reaches 100 members.

    How Do You Search On Wechat?

  • You can access WeChat’s main screen by clicking here.
  • Discover is the first step.
  • The search icon is on the top right. Click on it to find the results.
  • You can search for things on WeChat.
  • How Do I Join All Wechat Groups?

    You can type or paste the message you wish to send to all of your Group Notice recipients into the Group Notice text box. The Group Notice window has a green ‘Post’ button located at the bottom right. A confirmation dialog will appear as soon as this is done. After you click OK, the message will be sent to everyone in the group.

    What Are Wechat Groups?

    Chinese people use WeChat groups every day to communicate. Our groups allow us to chat with friends, send out event and promotional news, and share and discuss information related to our business or interests with others.

    How Do I Accept A Group Invite On Wechat?

    Tap “Add member” in the group chat once you have entered the group chat. In the top right corner, you will see “. By tapping the “+” button, you will be able to add a new contact to your list.

    Where Can I Find Wechat Chat History?

    Step 2: Click Apps > Click WeChat and tab Me. To view your chat history, click Chat and tab Chat History in Settings.

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