In a chat conversation, tap the “+” menu and select “Photos” or “Album”Choose a photo from your photo album. Draw, add text, stickers, and more by selecting “Edit” or “Preview”. You can send it by hitting “Send”.

How Do I Post Multiple Pictures On Wechat?

The number of photos you can share per post is limited to nine – with the option of sharing location-based photos and friend-based photos. You can also publish your own sight to moments, and the feed will automatically show them when you click the camera icon.

How Do I Scan My Wechat Album?

You can open the WeChat QR Code scanner by tapping “Read” on your mobile device. Your photo album can be accessed by tapping the “Album” icon on the right below corner. Scan the QR Code you saved previously by selecting it.

What Is Wechat Album?

The app is a digital album of your own, where you can record and share your life in text, photos, videos, and articles. Moment has an album cover that lets you see your taste, how to set it. Easy!

How Do You Send Multiple Pictures At Once?

  • If you have an Android Phone or tablet, open the Photos or Gallery app.
  • When you tap and hold any photo, all photos will appear with a check box.
  • By tapping on the Photos you want to send, you can select them all.
  • Click on the Share icon (see image above) now.
  • How Do I Share An Album On Wechat?

    Chats are a great way to share photos and videos. To create an album, tap the “+” button within a chat. Your phone’s camera roll can be used to send photos and videos. Then, click Send to send the one you want.

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