Snapchat’s app can be opened by tapping the ‘Chat’ icon on the bottom navigation bar, by tapping a friend in the chat list, by tapping the rocket icon, by tapping ‘Minis,’ and by tapping ‘Birthdays.’ From here, you can see a list

How Do I Find Out Somebody’s Birthday?

You can find out a lot about someone’s birthday by looking at their Facebook page, since most people are quite open with their personal information. You can find their birthday information under the Overview section of their Facebook profile. If you want to attend an event or a birthday party, you can go to Events.

How Do I Find Out Friends Birthdays?

  • Log into your Facebook account on your Mac or PC by going to
  • Devon Delfino/Business Insider. Click “Events” in the left sidebar.
  • On the left sidebar, click “Birthdays.”.
  • Can You Find Someone’s Birthday?

    A background check might be the best option if you want to find out their birthday. Social Media and other platforms allow anyone to post false birthdates. In the case where you need to know the exact information on their Birth Certificate, a background check may be the only option.

    Are Peoples Birthdays Public Record?

    Bank forms include information about birthdays. The Records Act requires additional, more sensitive material to be protected from public disclosure, so identity theft or credit can be prevented.

    Is Your Birthday Confidential?

    It is still public information to know your birth date. A person’s birth date is often included in the public record of the government in the United States. Birth certificates and other public records may contain this information.

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