As of now, you cannot change your WeChat ID after it has been set once, so that our account system is safe.

How Do I Change My Personal Profile On Wechat?

  • You can now access WeChat.
  • Tap Me.
  • You can view your profile photo by tapping it.
  • Tap ⋯.
  • Choose from the Album option.
  • Tap Done.
  • How Do I Change My Alias On Wechat?

  • You can join a group chat by entering your email address.
  • To access the group chat settings, tap “…” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • You can edit and save your changes by tapping My Alias in Group.
  • What Happens If I Change Wechat Id?

    Android 7 users can now use WeChat. The new version of the message says “WeChat ID is the unique credential of the account and can only be changed once a year.”. The page will not be accessible to users who already have a WeChat ID, and users who do not have one will be able to see the changes.

    Can I Have Two Accounts On Wechat?

    You can enable App twin for WeChat, QQ, LINE, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Messenger by going to Apps > App twin. The home screen of App twin shows two WeChat, QQ, LINE, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, or Messenger app icons when it is enabled. It is possible to log in to two accounts at once.

    Can I Change My Wechat Id Twice?

    Is it possible to change my wechat ID a second time? No, you cannot change your wechat ID a second time. It is not possible to change your ID a second time after setting the first one.

    How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Wechat?

    It is illegal to use WeChat if you are under 13 years old. You must agree to these Terms (both for yourself and on your behalf) before you can use WeChat if you are between the ages of 13 and 18 (or the relevant age in your jurisdiction where you are considered a minor).

    Is It Possible To Change Wechat Id?

    It is now possible to change your WeChat ID. You can change your WeChat ID by going to the “Me” section of WeChat, then tapping the top-right arrow and then tapping WeChat ID > Change WeChat ID. It is important to note that the ID must be between 6-20 characters and begin with a letter, but may contain letters, numbers, underscores, and dashes as well.

    How Do I Change My Nickname On Wechat?

    The WeChat app on Twitter allows you to edit a friend’s display name: “Contacts” > Select contact > top-right “…” button > “Alias” > Enter desired nickname.

    What Is Wechat Nickname?

    You can only set one WeChat ID per friend. This ID is the unique username your friends can use to add you as a contact. You can see your WeChat name in your friends’ chats and in your group chats as well.

    How Do I Change My Wechat Group Icon?

    To set a group, tap the group setting icon. A group chat will appear in the top right corner with the message “. The editing process can begin by tapping the Group Name.

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