Open WeChat to read this article. Tap Me. Tap Name. Tap Done.

How Can I Authenticate My Real Name In Wechat?

You can download WeChat from the Chinese app store. You can find the wallet in the Contacts section of the app. You will need to enter your credit card information in order to open your WeChat Wallet account; you will then need to verify your real name. Your profile will now show WeChat Pay.

Should I Use My Real Name On Wechat?

China’s top cyber watchdog ordered on Thursday that instant messaging tools such as WeChat must be registered with their real names in the future, and unlicensed public accounts must be banned from publishing or forwarding political news.

How Do I Change My Personal Info On Wechat?

In the Me tab, tap your user alias or headshot at the top of the screen to correct your information if your WeChat profile information is incorrect.

How Can I Remove My Real Name From Wechat Authentication?

To access WeChat Pay, log in to WeChat > Me > WeChat Pay > tap “. You can cancel your WeChat Pay account by clicking the “Menu in the top right corner” and then selecting “Cancel WeChat Pay Account”.

Do I Need To Use My Real Name On Wechat?

To open a WeChat Wallet, you must provide what they call “real-name verification.”. You can verify your real name in one of three ways: Chinese ID: If you have a Chinese ID card, you are golden.

Can Someone Verify Me On Wechat?

The WeChat app has blocked users’ accounts just after they register, and they received a notification from the app telling them to verify their accounts with friends. Teachers are now only able to verify one person within six months of joining WeChat.

Is It Safe To Give My Wechat Id?

Due to its password-protected nature, WeChat is secure, so as long as you don’t share your account information with anyone, your messages will remain private. In this way, your account is protected, but by default, WeChat keeps the user signed in even when they close the app.

Is It Safe To Add Strangers On Wechat?

You should not trust strangers you add or add you to or take them on dates or for car rides. etc. If you lose your mobile phone, make sure you link your Wechat account to your email and phone, this will allow you to recover your account.

What Happens If I Change Wechat Id?

Android 7 users can now use WeChat. The new version of the message says “WeChat ID is the unique credential of the account and can only be changed once a year.”. The page will not be accessible to users who already have a WeChat ID, and users who do not have one will be able to see the changes.

How Do I Change My Personal Profile On Wechat?

  • You can now access WeChat.
  • Tap Me.
  • You can view your profile photo by tapping it.
  • Tap ⋯.
  • Choose from the Album option.
  • Tap Done.
  • How Can I Change My Date Of Birth In Wechat?

  • You can access your profile by clicking here.
  • Tap Edit.
  • You can enter your date of birth by tapping Birthdate.
  • Can I Change My Wechat Id Twice?

    Is it possible to change my wechat ID a second time? No, you cannot change your wechat ID a second time. It is not possible to change your ID a second time after setting the first one.

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