You can post only text-only moments on WeChat by opening the app and selecting Discover at the bottom. On the next page, select moments. The camera icon can be found in the top right corner. Your Moment text will appear in the box that appears. As you would normally, select Location, Share to or @Mention.

What Are Moments On Wechat?

In the Moments feed of WeChat, users can share status updates, pictures, and videos with their friends (or a select group of friends). There are specific categories of content available on WeChat Moments, such as: Photos: users can share up to nine photos per post. Images can be pre-saved or taken directly in the app.

How Do I Post A Video On Wechat Moment?

You can copy and paste the URL of your videos into the Text box in WeChat Moments by long pressing the Camera icon. You can also publish the video link by tapping the Send button. Launch the WeChat app on your smartphone, go to Discover > Moments, then long press the Camera

How Do Moments Work On Wechat?

On the WeChat homepage, you can access WeChat moments by clicking on the Discover tab. The ‘Moments’ tab on this page allows users to view recent updates from their friends by clicking on it. As a result, a Moment is like a Facebook post, and a Moments feed is like a timeline on Facebook.

How Do You Edit Moments On Wechat?

The user’s options can be changed by tapping and holding their profile picture for a few seconds until a new menu appears. Make changes to the munitions options by clicking on them here.

How Do I Post Multiple Pictures On Wechat?

The number of photos you can share per post is limited to nine – with the option of sharing location-based photos and friend-based photos. You can also publish your own sight to moments, and the feed will automatically show them when you click the camera icon.

Do Wechat Moments Disappear?

You can decide how you view your friends’ moments based on your own perspective. You can delete all of the moments or block you if you click on the moments on your friends’ profile page and discover there is nothing but a line.

How Do You Know If Someone Hide Their Moments On Wechat?

Quora: How to find out if someone hid their WeChat moments. You can view the album of that person by clicking on their profile. In the event that they have blocked you, you will see their cover photo, and below that, you will see a feint gray divider line between the two.

How Long Of A Video Can You Post On Wechat?

There are almost no differences between the video moments ads and normal text ads on WeChat, the only difference is that the video element is the only one that is different. A company can post previews of six to fifteen seconds on the feed, and if the user clicks the video ad to see a full screen complete video can be up to five minutes long each campaign page if the user clicks the video ad.

What Are Wechat Moments?

In the Moments feed of WeChat, users can share status updates, pictures, and videos with their friends (or a select group of friends). You can save images or take them directly in the app. Users can take photos and videos of exciting sights instantly, allowing them to share them with friends and family.

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