WeChat is a messaging, mobile payment, and social media app developed by Tencent, a Chinese conglomerate. A variety of value-added services are sold on WeChat to make money. The platform is also successful at driving revenue through advertising, with implementation of WeChat Moments being the most successful.

What Does Tencent Make Money From?

In-app purchases of virtual goods (mostly extras in games) and subscription fees on Tencent Video (combined with ‘Services’ to make up 56 percent of Tencent’s revenue) make up the majority of Tencent’s revenue. In 2018, revenue increased by 6%.

Does Wechat Own Tencent?

What is the significance of WeChat?? Yes, in a word. Weixin, which is owned by Chinese company Tencent, has over a billion users worldwide and is known inside China as Weixin.

Is Wechat And Tencent The Same?

Tencent, one of the world’s most valuable companies, is the company that developed WeChat. In addition to QQ Messenger and Tencent Music, Tencent has other names in its stable. The platform was initially just a messenger app, but it has evolved into much more.

How Does Wechat Make Money?

Using messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat, you can make money while making free calls and texting. Whatsapp has kept its service free, but it may expand it to larger businesses with features such as analytics, which will allow it to charge a usage fee at a later stage, thus creating a revenue model for the company.

Does Tencent Own Wechat Pay?


Tencent Holdings Limited

Initial release

21 January 2011 (as Weixin)

Preview release(s)

Android 8.0.1 / 8 February 2021

Operating system

Android, iOS, macOS, Windows

How Does Tencent Earn From Pubg?

According to the game’s first half earnings, it had generated close to $1 billion worldwide. Three billion dollars. As reported, Tencent’s hit battle arena game Honor of Kings generated $204 in sales, coming in second on the list. In that month, the company generated gross revenue of $5 million.

How Profitable Is Tencent?

A net profit of 42 was recorded for the three months ended June. In a Refinitiv estimate drawn from 13 analysts of 34, the company is estimated to have generated 6 billion yuan. Four billion yuan is invested in the project. A 20% increase in revenue led to 138 more sales. The company expects to earn 3 billion yuan, in line with expectations.

How Much Does Tencent Make From Gaming?

For the three months ended June 30th, 2021, Tencent reported its Q2 financial results. During the same period, total revenues increased by 20 percent to $21 billion. 30 percent of total revenues were generated by mobile games, or $6 billion. A 13 percent increase in revenue to $3 billion.

What Company Owns Wechat?

Ltd. is a holding company for Tencent Holdings. A $6 billion loan is being considered by WeChat creator Tencent, according to people familiar with the matter. Bloomberg data indicates that this would be the biggest dollar loan syndicated in Asia since 2019 for a Chinese company.

What Company Owns Tencent?

Tencent Seafront Towers in Shenzhen


Naspers (30.86%; since 2019 through Prosus) Ma Huateng (8.42%) Tony Zhang (3.5%)

Number of employees

85,858 (2020)

Is Wechat Owned By Alibaba?

China’s two largest internet companies, Alibaba and Tencent, have built their dominance through their sprawling services, which often serve as the foundation for their so-called super apps. Alibaba’s affiliate Ant Group runs Alipay, while Tencent runs WeChat, China’s most popular messaging app.

Who Owns Tencent?

Tencent Seafront Towers in Shenzhen

Total assets

CN¥1,333.425 billion (US$203.48 billion) (2020)

Total equity

CN¥778.043 billion (US$118.73 billion) (2020)


Naspers (30.86%; since 2019 through Prosus) Ma Huateng (8.42%) Tony Zhang (3.5%)

Number of employees

85,858 (2020)

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