Snapchat requires you to add the user as a friend before you can see their profile. Once you have added the user as a friend, you can tap on their Bitmoji to see their profile. You will be able to access the user’s profile after you tap on their Bitmoji.

Can You Look At Someones Snapchat Profile Without Them Knowing?

You’ll be notified with the list of people who watched your picture if you post a picture on your Snapchat account for a good 24 hours. However, if you wish to view someone’s Snapchat story without their knowledge, Snapchat does not provide this feature to you.

Can People See Your Snapchat Profile?

Even if you don’t follow someone, they can scroll through a long list of usernames and tap on your profile, regardless of whether you do or not.

Who Can See My Snapchat Profile?

What are the people who can see my Snaps on Snapchat? Snaps are only visible to those on your Friends list by default, and only if you send them a Snap or add them to your Story. On the Stories screen, you can customize your privacy settings by tapping the cog icon to the right of ‘My Story’.

Is Snapchat Profile Private?

Yes. You cannot see your account on Snapchat until they add you back, and you cannot see your account on Snapchat until they add you back. Is there a way to ensure that my story is only my friends’ ll only my friends can see my story on Snapchat? You can view your story in settings by clicking on “View my story.”.

How Do You View Someones Profile On Snapchat?

  • You can check out someone’s profile by tapping and holding on their name in your chat list if they are not on your friends list.
  • There are some profiles that appear with an emoji that indicates how often they Snap with you or others:
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