Ads for WeChat moments are available in the Moments section, which is WeChat’s equivalent of Facebook’s news feed. At the moment, WeChat moments ads can be viewed in two formats: display ads and video ads.

Are There Ads On Wechat?

Advertising on WeChat is what it sounds like. Companies can advertise on users timelines or at the bottom of articles in WeChat Official Accounts using Tencent’s advertising program. Brands can grow their WeChat Official Account followers, drive traffic to their websites, and generate App downloads by using WeChat ads.

How Do I Disable Ads On Wechat?

  • You can access Settings by going to the main menu.
  • To view an overview of your settings, click ‘About’.
  • To access the privacy policy, click the bottom button.
  • Tap ‘Others’ at the bottom of the page.
  • To re-click ‘Privacy Policy’, click it again.
  • Click on It to Access Advertising (About Advertising) on the Advertising page.
  • To manage your account, tap ‘*’ (Manage) at #2.
  • How Much Is Advertising On Wechat?

    As a next step, you will need to set up an official account on WeChat for $149 to begin advertising. There is a setup fee of $149 for WeChat Display Ads and a minimum top-up fee of $799.

    What Are Wechat Moment Ads?

    Advertising on WeChat is what it is called. The WeChat ecosystem offers brands the opportunity to purchase advertising space on the timeline of WeChat users (WeChat Users’ Moments feed).

    How Do I Advertise On Wechat?

  • You need to verify your official account on WeChat.
  • You can apply for the right to advertise on WeChat by going to the backend of your official account and clicking on *.
  • You can then use the backend of the WeChat Official Account to create campaigns once you have been approved for * (right to advertise on WeChat).
  • How Do I Promote On Wechat?

    This is a 101-page guide on how to use WeChat for business. You can market on WeChat either by requesting an official account or partnering with a third party. You can create content on WeChat and interact with and sell to your followers and customers if you have an Official Account.

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