There are many marketing techniques that businesses use on a daily basis in order to encourage more people to invest their hard-earned money with their company and their services. Customer surveying is a great technique for a business that has moved into a new area or a company that is just getting started in production as it allows you to get valuable information about customers in your area. As a business, it is vital that you make the effort to go out and speak directly to the demographic of the products you are offering so that you know the best ways to encourage them to go ahead with a purchase and in turn bring you more revenue.


What is Customer Surveying

Customer surveying is an important part of establishing your business within the community, it not only provides an opportunity for you to get to know more prospective customers but also shows your business in a positive light as you are making an effort to get to know the people in your area. For businesses that carry very customer-specific products you should be sending brand representatives out there to get feedback on what you are offering and that you are offering your services to the correct client base. Advertising to people who are not really suitable for your brand is a waste of time and resources so it is vital that you go out and establish this as soon as possible. If you market your brand in a way that attracts clientele who are suited to the products you are offering then the chances of making a sale are increased and you are going to see a huge increase in your profits.


How to Tailor Your Business to a Specific Customer Base

One of the biggest mistakes to be made when it comes to consumer surveying is not implementing what you have learned within your business, many people go out and get the information but don’t know what should be done to use the information in a way that will benefit your business. If you receive positive feedback from a certain customer group then it makes sense that you should tailor your marketing techniques to suit that clientele, with advertising, shop displays, and product pricing you should make changes around your business in accordance with what you learn from your customer surveying, otherwise what would be the point in doing it?


You may find that an older audience reacted well when you conducted your surveys and based on this information you should make changes that encourage them to go through with a sale, for an older audience you could try offering some kind of special deal on your products to help get people into your shop. If your feedback pointed you towards a younger audience you could try adding some kind of entertainment near to your store or holding an opening day style event to encourage more people to visit your shop and hopefully spend more money.


Methods of Customer Surveying

One of the simplest ways to get out there and conduct a quick customer survey would be to post online for feedback, this is great as it can be done with a series of posts on a social media outlet. This is why having a social media page set up for your customers to view and leave you messages is ideal as you can easily post a status and wait for your answers without having to invest time and effort into sending someone out on the streets.


Although other methods may be more convenient you can’t beat getting out on the streets and talking with your customers, it not only allows you to get valuable feedback but also shows your customers that you are keen, if you are nervous you could start with a fun game to help break the ice, you could ask customers to play this game of never have i ever in return for prizes or small vouchers, and you could use the conversation to get valuable feedback. Many companies offer a small discount in return for the customer leaving staff some notes on what they think of the company, this not only encourages more feedback but also encourages customers to make a return visit