You may need to tap the Unable to Log In option if you fail to pass the verification. You will receive a result via SMS within 24 hours after submitting a request. (2) If your request is approved, a new WeChat password will be sent to you.

How Do I Fix My Wechat Verification?

If you linked your WeChat account to your registered phone number, check to see if it is the same number. Please log in using another method (such as logging in via a password) if you have changed your phone number. Change your linked mobile number as soon as possible if you have changed your phone number.

Why Can’t I Get Wechat To Work?

You may not be able to use WeChat if you forget your login password, log in from an outdated app, or do not receive a verification code for your account. Here are a few tips you can try if you’re having trouble using WeChat.

What Do I Do If I Can’t Login To Wechat On A New Device?

  • Log in by tapping the Unable to Log In?…
  • To submit your request, tap Request Account Recovery > Request to submit your request.
  • You will receive an SMS notification within 24 hours of submitting the request.
  • How Do I Log Into Wechat Again?

    The first option is to tap More Options at the bottom of the WeChat login screen. Log in to another account by selecting the option. You can log in via WeChat ID/Email/QQQ ID by tapping Other Login Options > Log in via WeChat ID/Email/QQ ID.

    How Many Times Can You Verify Wechat?

    If your friend has helped anyone unlock or unfreeze their accounts within the last 30 days, make sure they do not do so. There is a limit on how many friends one can verify: one can verify one friend once a month, two friends twice a year, and three friends three times a year.

    How Can I Verify My Wechat Account Without Friends?

    You can also check your WeChat account without friends by downloading the mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. The Sign-Up page will ask you to enter your phone number if you click it. Your phone will display a verification code once you enter your mobile number. You can enter the code and submit it here.

    What’s Wrong With Wechat?

    Chinese authorities closely monitor WeChat, and censorship is carried out by way of banning certain topics, keywords, etc. In addition to censorship, its users have been subjected to direct repression (1), (2), and (3).

    Is Wechat Server Down?

    Wechat. Our website is reachable by phone and online.

    Can You Use Wechat On 2 Devices?

    In terms of using WeChat on multiple devices, it is not possible to do so without a limitation. As of right now, only iOS devices can be used. You can access the inbox via iOS, Android, Windows and Mac clients, as well as your browser.

    How Do I Get My Wechat Verification Code?

    Log in to another account by selecting the option. Log In via Mobile Number by selecting your mobile’s region code and entering the correct mobile number on the screen. Log in by tapping Next, then entering the SMS verification code. You will receive a SMS verification code when you tap Send.

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