Voice Messages on WeChat Unlike many other chat platforms, WeChat does not allow its users to forward voice messages. The app strictly prohibits the sending of private voice messages.

How Can I Export Voice Message From Wechat?

You can choose to share your content. You can choose the app you want to use to save or send voice messages, then follow the instructions in that app to share the files. You can share the messages with Google Drive or email them to yourself using your email app, for example.

How Do I Get Voice Messages On Wechat?

Navigate to tencent > MicroMsg in File Manager to find WeChat voice messages. Sub-folders with very long names, a string of random letters, are hard to find. You can find the ‘favorite’ folder by opening this folder. Sub-folders are found underneath a lot of files.

How Do I Make Mp3 From Wechat?

  • You can change the output folder on your computer by clicking the Change Output button.
  • You can import audio messages from WeChat.
  • You can convert Wechat audio messages into MP3 files.
  • How Do I Download Voice Messages From Wechat On Iphone?

    You can then export Wechat voice messages from iPhone or iTunes backup files by clicking Export from Device & Backup from the left pane. iTunes has not yet been used to back up iPhone to a computer. Choose Export From Device, select WeChat, connect your iPhone to computer via USB, and then scan it.

    Why Do Chinese People Send Voice Messages?

    Power plays are the ultimate. You can record your message on WeChat by pressing a button and typing it in. This is just another way to send text messages that can be interchanged with other types of messages.

    Where Are Wechat Voice Messages?

    You can now save WeChat Voice Messages on your Android phone by going into this folder – yes, it’s a folder within a folder within a folder, which is why you probably couldn’t find it until now – and looking for a folder named “voice2”.

    How Do I Use Audio On Wechat?

    You can switch the bottom bar into Hold to Talk mode by tapping the voice button in the lower left hand corner of the screen when you are in a conversation on WeChat. The button can be held down, talked on, and released to be sent. It is recommended that you limit the length of each voice message to 60 seconds.

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