Is it because I am restricted from using people nearby?? If you have incomplete or illegal profile information, use an unofficial version of WeChat, use People Nearby too frequently, or are reported for violating platform rules, you may be restricted from using People Nearby.

How Do I Fix People Nearby On Wechat?

  • Make sure the network is available.
  • After one hour, change your alias and log in again.
  • Your phone can be configured to use GPS satellite positioning to reset its location service.
  • You can then use this function again after clearing your location data and quitting People Nearby.
  • How Do I Reset My Location On Wechat?

    The GPS location option must be turned off on your Android device. Hola can be used to select a location on the map by opening the app. A particular location can be searched using the search bar. The location can be changed by clicking on the play button after you have selected it.

    How Do I Enable Location On Wechat?

    You can unlock Developer Options by simply unlocking your Android phone and going to its Settings > About Phone and tapping the “Build Number” feature 7 times. Step 2. You can enable this feature by going to Settings > Developer Options and clicking on “Allow Mock Locations”.

    What Is People Nearby On Wechat?

    There are a lot of ways to add friends to WeChat. It can even be used to make new friends in your area by using People Nearby, Friend Radar, and Message in a Bottle. There are people nearby. You can find People nearby by choosing the Discover tab.

    How Do I Find Nearby Friends On Wechat?

    You can find out who is using WeChat nearby your location by going to “Discover > People Nearby.”. You can filter the list by gender, age, or by greeting by tapping on three dots. You can initiate a conversation by tapping on a person from the list and sending him/her a greeting.

    How Can I Send A Fake Location On Wechat?

    Find the fake location (you want to send) in the chat interface and use the location function to send it to other users when the location mark on your wechat appears. If you want to send a fake location, you can drag the location mark on your wechat location and share it with others.

    How Do I Change My Region On Wechat?

    You can set up a region in the Android version of WeChat (Me -> tap user name -> Region). Once this region setting is selected, all contacts in one’s profile will be shown it.

    How Do I Remove Location From Wechat?

    You can open WeChat by tapping Discover > Live Streams & Nearby > tapping People at the top of the screen. You can find the Clear Location option in the top-right corner. You can find your footprints by looking at the People Nearby icon.

    How Do I Turn Off Location On Wechat?

    There is no way to unset the Region settings in WeChat. It can only be changed by repeating the procedure in which it was set. You can access your Wechat account by logging in. Then, press the home button to return to your original home.

    Does Wechat Show Your Location?

    Your friends and family can see where you are currently located on WeChat. Consent is required for the app to show your location. By tapping on the “+” button > Location > Real-time Location, you can share your location. By clicking the Send Location button, you can send a single location as well.

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