Snapchat says that the lock on your account will last for 24 hours, so you can log in after waiting for 24 hours. However, if you are still unable to log in after 24 hours, then you can follow the steps below.

How Long Is Snapchat Temporary Lock?

You should wait 24 hours before attempting to log in if Snapchat has sent you a message saying your account has been temporarily locked. For those who cannot log in for a longer period of time, Snapchat suggests visiting this link to unlock their account.

Why Is My Snap Account Permanently Locked?

Snapchat says that accounts can be temporarily or permanently locked for four reasons: Use third-party apps or plugins that aren’t authorized by the platform. Sending spam or Abusive behavior. Verify the phone number and email address of friends by sending large numbers of friend requests.

How Long Does A Snapchat Device Ban Last?

There are three types of bans on Snapchat. If you violate any of the above terms for the first time, you will most likely be locked out for 24 hours. However, repeated violations can result in your account being permanently banned or locked for up to a month.

Can You Unlock A Permanently Locked Snapchat Account?

Snapchat suggests that you wait 24 hours before logging in again if your account has been locked. Unfortunately, if your account has been permanently locked, you will not be able to retrieve it. If you have a locked Snapchat account, you can contact the support team here.

Can You Get Unbanned From Snapchat?

You will not be able to circumvent a Snapchat ban by opening a new account, as the service is IP-based. By circumventing this ban, you will only prolong its existence.

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