It is not possible for your Snapchat friends to see your other friends unless they are on your account or have access to your phone. Right now, you can see it for yourself.

Can Your Friends See Your Other Friends On Snapchat?

Even though your photos and videos cannot be seen by anyone but the person you are sending them to, everyone you are friends with on Snapchat can, in fact, see who you are sending most of your photos and videos to.

Can You Hide Your Friends List On Snapchat?

You can access Settings by tapping the gear icon in the top-right corner of your profile page when it loads. You can view your story by scrolling down and clicking on ‘View My Story’. Instead of everyone, set it to ‘Friends’.

Is Snapchat Friends List Private?

A friendship profile is a private account, and its contents will be kept confidential. Snapchat may show your Snap Map location to your friends if you have allowed it to be shared. It is always possible to turn off the location service if you are concerned about your privacy.

Does Snapchat Show Friends List?

After you open the Snapchat app, you can swipe left to right to see your friends list. To access your chats, send new messages, and search for friends to add or remove, you’ll need to know how to see your friends list on Snapchat. More stories can be found on Business Insider’s homepage.

How Do You Make My Friends List Private On Snapchat?

  • The Settings screen will appear when you tap the * button.
  • You can choose an option from the ‘Who Can…’ section.
  • You can save your choice by selecting an option and tapping the back button.
  • Are Snapchat Friends Private?

    Snap’s spokesperson said the Friendship Profiles are a “home” for the friendships in the app. The profiles are private, so only those in the friendship can see the content, rather than their friends or other users having access to it like they would a story or profile.

    How Do I Hide My Friends List On Snapchat?

  • You now need to tap on the settings icon in the top-right corner.
  • The ‘Who Can…” section can be found by scrolling down.
  • You can exit the area by selecting ‘My Friends’ and setting it to that.
  • All that’s left is that.
  • Is Your Friends List Private On Snapchat?

    You’ve probably shared hundreds of photos with your friends if you use Snapchat frequently. Snapchat has introduced Friendship Profiles to help you keep your memories organized. A Friendship Profile will give you a unique place where all your memories will be saved, so you can keep them forever.

    Why Are My Friends Not Showing Up On Snapchat?

    Verify that you are logged in with the correct account before you proceed. Your friends list will not appear correctly if you have accidentally entered the wrong account. Snapchat’s cache can be cleared if you are certain you have the right account. The app’s settings allow you to do this.

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