The phone number of the person you are adding to your Snapchat account cannot be seen by anyone because Snapchat only uses your phone number to confirm that you are a genuine/actual person.

Can Snapchat Friends See My Info?

Even though your photos and videos cannot be seen by anyone but the person you are sending them to, everyone you are friends with on Snapchat can, in fact, see who you are sending most of your photos and videos to.

Does Snapchat Know Your Phone Number?

Every Snapchat user has a lot of data to collect. Identifying information includes your name, email address, birth date, and phone number. Snapchat is saving all those snaps (at least for a while) once the recipient views them.

Can I Hide My Phone Number On Snapchat?

In a new update, Snapchat has added a feature that allows users to opt out of linking their phone numbers with their usernames on Android and iOS. Snapchat’s settings menu can be found under “mobile #” to access the new feature.

Does Snapchat Show Number Of Friends?

Snapchat does not directly show the number of accounts in your friends’ list, so you can only count the friends you have on the app to find out how many there are.

Can People See My Snapchat Information?

Snapchat can match your display name, username, and phone number, as well as your linked social profile, so they can do it quickly. With a single server, you could complete as many as 292 million calculations in a month.

Can Snapchat Friends See My Username?

If a friend sees your username during a chat (which shows your name, username, snap score, and chat emojis), or if they select your Display Name when searching for friends, they may not see it.

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