You will see their story in your subscriptions if it is posted on the location where anyone can see it, even if they have not added anyone. You will see a subscription if you haven’t been added back yet when someone posts something to their story.

Why Do Some People’s Snapchat Say Subscribe?

There are too many friends on Snapchat’s friend list that automatically go to subscription, so you have too many friends on the app. In snap chat, your friends removed you from their list of friends. Therefore, you will only see their stories, but you will not see any of their activities, so you will pay a subscription fee.

Can You Hide Snapchat Subscriptions?

In the Discover tab, tap and hold the tile of a creator or channel to hide it. To hide your Discover account, select Hide from Discover. It is only possible to hide content that you do not subscribe to. It is necessary to first unsubscribe from your current subscription before you can hide it.

How Do You See Other Peoples Snapchat Followers?

You can see friends of someone on Snapchat by opening their profile. In the case that the user is not on your friend list, you will need to send them a friend request. Once they accept it, you will be able to see their profile information as well as their friends list based on their privacy settings.

How Do You Get Your Snapchat To Say Subscribe?

  • You can use Snapchat on iOS or Android by opening the app.
  • Your profile photo can be accessed by tapping it.
  • Make sure you have a following on Spotlight by selecting “Build a following…
  • Tap “Create” once you have read the information.
  • You can preview the public profile and confirm that the “Subscribe” button has been added by clicking on it.
  • How Do You Know If Someone Subscribes To You On Snapchat?

    Tap the Bitmoji or Story icon at the top, then select your Public Profile card under the ‘Profile Management’ section of the ‘My Profile’ screen. You can edit your settings on the next screen by tapping on ‘Edit’. There is now an option to show the number of subscribers on the ‘Edit Profile’ screen.

    How Do I Hide A Subscription On Sc?

    To unsubscribe from Snapchat, tap and hold on a story from the account or publication you wish to unsubscribe from, and then toggling off the subscribe option.

    Why Does It Show Subscription On Snapchat?

    In other words, if you decide to make your account public, you will be added as a friend to people who are trying to do so. You will have to manually request a friend request from that public account if it wants to make you their friend.

    Can You See Someone Else’s Best Friends List On Snapchat?

    In the past, Snapchat displayed your Best Friends (the people you interacted with the most) right on your profile. There is only one way to view your Best Friends list now, but some people wish it were possible to see everyone’s Best Friends (and we don’t know why).

    How Do I See My Friends Snapchat Friends?

    Snapchat’s friend lists can be viewed by tapping on your profile icon, followed by ‘My Friends’, and then reviewing the list. You can remove a friend by tapping and holding on the name of your friend, followed by ‘More’ and ‘Remove friend’.

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