It is impossible for your friend to see your other friends in WeChat if there is no mutual WeChat contact between you and him or her. You will see your LIKE or comment in your friends’ moments if you have mutual WeChat contacts with them.

Can You See Someone’s Friends On Wechat?

You can find out who is using WeChat nearby your location by going to “Discover > People Nearby.”. You can filter the list by gender, age, or by greeting by tapping on three dots.

How Can I Hide My Contact In Wechat?

  • Log in to WeChat by opening it.
  • The Me tab and Settings can be found on the left.
  • By clicking Privacy, you can toggle Find Me by Phone No. to off.
  • Can You See Someones Friends On Wechat?

    The app allows you to find people in two ways: From the + icon on the home screen to find and add friends you already know, or from the + icon on the app. The dock can be used to look for random people for fun and timeless activities by using the “Discover” option.

    Can Wechat Contacts See My Number?

    It is possible for WeChat friends who found and added you from mobile contact to see your mobile number in your profile, while others cannot. Therefore, strangers and other types of WeChat friends are not able to see it.

    How Do I Know If Someone Has Deleted Me On Wechat?

    You can view your friend’s photos by visiting their personal page. You have been deleted if you can’t see any of their moments in their albums, but you can see their thumbnails.

    How Do You Know If Someone Block You On Wechat?

    How does it affect you when you are blocked in WeChat? Notifications won’t be sent to you if you are blocked by someone. If you try to send a message, you will see a red exclamation mark. Additionally, you will receive a message that says, “This message has been successfully sent but the recipient has rejected it.”.

    What Happens When Someone Deleted You On Wechat?

    It will be impossible for you to see them on WeChat, but you will still be able to see them in your contacts list (if you change your mind). You can permanently remove them from your contacts once you delete them. It will be necessary for you to get their contact card again if you wish to get them back.

    Can Someone See Your Number On Wechat?

    Is my phone number available on WeChat? The person who added you to WeChat can see it, while others cannot. If you want to stop finding and friending you via your phone number, you can do so.

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