A 1-block geofenced around your current location will be created by Snapchat; those Stories can only be seen and contributed to by your friends and, if you like, friends of friends.

Who Can View A Group Snapchat Story?

Custom Stories are nongeofenced and can be accessed by anyone, regardless of their geographic location. If you want some people to be able to watch but not contribute their own Snaps, you can also select additional friends to view those custom Stories.

What Is A Group Story On Snapchat?

The social network announced a new feature on Tuesday that allows multiple users to contribute photos and videos to the same “Story,” a collection of posts that remain visible for a limited time. Users who do not add a new photo or video to the Stories group will see their Stories disappear.

Are Snapchat Stories Public?

The stories and messages screen is where you’ll find the action (public, anyway). Snapchat’s public stories are where everyone you follow posts their public stories, where all of your messages, both group and direct, live, and everything that can be viewed for 24 hours are posted.

Can You Make A Group Story On Snapchat?

The new feature can be found by swiping to the Stories page, tapping the “Create Story” button on the top-right, and then naming the group story. By inviting other users by username, Snapchat users can add content to the platform.

How Do You Get Out Of A Snapchat Group Story?

  • You can join a group chat by opening it.
  • The Group Profile can be accessed by tapping the Group Chat icon at the top.
  • To access the top menu, tap the top button.
  • To leave a group, tap ‘Leave Group’.
  • What’s The Lock On Snapchat Stories?

    Snapchat stories are locked when they are marked with a lock symbol. Users can share stories with a few people using this feature, which has been around for a long time.

    Who Can View Custom Stories On Snapchat?

    Tap “Who can add,” and then choose from your Snapchat contacts if you have a specific group of friends you would like to add. A custom Story will be created for you and your contributors, and you will be able to edit it. As viewers, you can also designate friends.

    How Does Group Story Work On Snapchat?

    You can create a custom Story by tapping the new “Create Story” icon in the top-right corner of the Stories screen. If you want to invite all nearby Snapchat users to participate, you can do so by giving your Story a name and inviting them to join.

    What Is A Collaborative Story On Snapchat?

    Users can now create Stories with friends and family using Snapchat, which is a new feature. Users can create custom Stories by inviting a specific group of friends, or by using geofencing to invite friends by location to contribute to a topical story.

    How Do You Make A Snapchat Story Public?

    In the bottom right corner of the screen, there is a blue icon. Click on Our Story to begin. After selecting the public story, a checkmark will appear. Snaps cannot be submitted to more than one Story under “Our Stories,” regardless of how many they contain.

    Who Can See Public Snapchat Stories?

    Your public story should be posted here. Snaps that play in the order they were created are called Public Stories. You can share your Story with friends, subscribers, and anyone else who may not subscribe.

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