Snaps can be muted by tapping and holding on the friend whose Story you wish to mute on the Friends screen. To access more, tap “More.”. The third step is to toggle the toggle to the right of “Mute Story” to turn off this friend’s story.

How Do You Hide Someone On Snapchat Without Deleting Them?

  • You now need to tap on the settings icon in the top-right corner.
  • The ‘Who Can…” section can be found by scrolling down.
  • You can exit the area by selecting ‘My Friends’ and setting it to that.
  • All that’s left is that.
  • Can You Hide A Person On Snapchat?

    If you want to hide any conversations, you can hit the X. You can also block someone by choosing the option in the same menu where you cleared the conversation to block them. Your feed will be deleted automatically once you block someone.

    Can You Snooze Someone On Snapchat?

    Users must tap and hold the person or group they wish to silence, then select Settings from the popup menu, then hit Do Not Disturb to enable it. Even though you won’t be able to see notifications from that conversation, you can still check any unread messages and Snaps and send your own.

    How Do You Hide A Snapchat?

    When you tap “Clear Conversations,” you’ll see a list of the users you’ve snapped with as well as an “X” next to their usernames. If you want to hide any conversations, you can hit the X.

    Can You Snooze Someone On Snapchat?

    In the case of hitting snooze on a friend or a group, it does not alert them, so even if you find their snap habit somewhat annoying, you do not have to confront them.

    Does Do Not Disturb Block Snapchat?

    The Do Not Disturb Mode on Snapchat allows muted accounts to contact you even if they are blocked or unfriended. By simply blocking all notifications from a blocked user or group, Do Not Disturb will stop all notifications. Snapchat’s Do Not Disturb feature can be found in this article.

    Can Someone Tell If You Muted Them On Snapchat?

    While you will still be able to see and interact with the people whose notifications you have turned off, you will not be notified every time they update. In this way, you won’t be notified that they have been muted, so there will be no awkwardness.

    Can I Turn On Snap Notifications For One Person?

    The first step is to tap and hold on the friend you wish to receive Story notifications for on the Friends screen. To access more, tap “More.”. ” Step 3: Tap the toggle to the right of “Story Notifications” to turn this setting on.

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