When you tap “Clear Conversations,” you’ll see a list of the users you’ve snapped with as well as an “X” next to their usernames. If you want to hide any conversations, you can hit the X. Your feed will be deleted automatically once you block someone.

How Do You Hide Someone On Snapchat Without Blocking Them?

  • You now need to tap on the settings icon in the top-right corner.
  • The ‘Who Can…” section can be found by scrolling down.
  • You can exit the area by selecting ‘My Friends’ and setting it to that.
  • All that’s left is that.
  • How Do You Secretly Block Someone On Snapchat?

    Tap the Profile icon in the top-left corner. You will find a section called Friends here. The list of all the new friends you have added to your Snapchat account can be found by tapping on My Friends. Locate the friend you wish to remove from your list. Now tap and hold the friend’s name.

    Can You Hide A Snapchat From Someone?

    You can access Snapchat’s settings by swiping down from the main screen and tapping the Settings icon. You can view my story by clicking View My Story under “Who Can”. You can block someone by selecting Custom and checking the box next to them. You’re done. Now that’s it.

    How Do You Hide A Snapchat?

  • The Settings screen will appear when you tap the * button.
  • You can choose an option from the ‘Who Can…’ section.
  • You can save your choice by selecting an option and tapping the back button.
  • Is There A Way To Hide Chats On Snapchat?

    To do so, you will need to open up the Snapchat app and tap the Chat icon located at the bottom of the screen to access your conversations. You can delete a conversation by long-pressing the username of the person whose conversation you wish to delete. If you want to hide any conversations, you can hit the X.

    Can You Hide The Snapchat App On Your Phone?

    You can disable apps in the settings so that they can’t be removed or hidden from the app drawer, which means that you won’t be able to use them. You can disable an app by opening the Settings app, selecting Apps & notifications, and then tapping See all apps. Open the app you wish to hide and tap Disable. Then, tap Disable app again.

    Can Snapchat Be Hidden?

    If you want to hide Snapchat or WhatsApp on your iPhone, simply move the app to a folder and add any other apps to it. By doing this, Snapchat or WhatsApp will be removed from your Home screen and moved to page 2 of your folder. It’s great because you can use it at any time.

    Can I Hide My Snapchat From Search?

    You can disable the Let others find me option in both settings so that random Snapchatters (or even friends) cannot find you by searching for your number or email. You can change Contact Me to My Friends so that you don’t get Snaps from people you don’t know if you scroll down to Contact Me.

    What Does The Other Person See When You Block Them On Snapchat?

    Snapchat users are completely removed from your account when you block them. Thus, their chat will disappear as well. It is obvious that there is no trace of the person on your chats page if you look at it. A blocked person, however, does not see anything like that.

    Does Snapchat Tell Them If You Block Them?

    Snapchat allows you to block friends from your friends list, but you can remove their names from your list. Snapchat does not notify them that they have been blocked, even though they cannot message you.

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