For Android devices, you can access the Play Store by selecting Menu > My apps & games from the main menu. Tap the Update option in the Updates tab to access Snapchat. Snapchat’s automatic app-updating feature can also be used to keep up with the latest features.

Do Androids Get The New Snapchat Update?

Snapchat’s Android app has been updated to include a new version – and improved – for Android users. Snapchat’s Android app has long been criticized for being inferior to its iOS counterpart, so an update to the app is welcome news for many Android users.

What Is The Latest Version Of Snapchat For Android?

There is a new version of Snapchat 11. The 25 Beta for Android is now available for download.

Why Doesn’t My Snapchat Have The New Update?

You might not get the new Snapchat update because your phone doesn’t automatically update itself. The update can be installed as easily as going to your phone’s app store and clicking on the updates tab, if you’re having trouble finding it.

Is There A New Snapchat Update 2020?

The latest version of Snapchat 11 has introduced half swipes and other changes. Android platform: 66, iOS platform: 11, Windows platform: 11. As of August 2014, this app was ranked 74 for iOS users, and the changes made to its look and feel caused a great deal of criticism on Twitter from its users. Apple users specifically made the complaints.

Is The New Snapchat Update For Android?

As of Thursday, September 2, Snap’s Next Generation Scan update will be available to all Android users. Snapchat Scan will be able to scan many more elements, including food items, plants, clothing, and so on, in the next generation.

How Do I Download The New Version Of Snapchat?

You can only uninstall an app from a previous version if you want to roll it back. Snapchat’s app can be uninstalled by tapping and holding the app icon and selecting ‘Uninstall’. There will be no loss of data or settings in this system.

How Do I Get The New Update For Snapchat?

You can access your apps by tapping the Menu button (*). You will be able to see all your installed apps by clicking this button. In the list, find “Snapchat”. If an update is available for Snapchat, it will be listed in the “Updates available” section, and it will say “Update” in the bottom-right corner.

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