You can view your story snaps even if you don’t have a friend on Snapchat. By selecting My Friends, you will limit the audience for your Story to friends. This will keep strangers from seeing your story. Your story snaps will be visible to everyone in your friends list.

Can Anyone See Snapchat Stories?

Snapchat stories are an addictive and fun way to keep up with your friends. In addition to viewing other users’ stories, Snapchat also allows you to see their stories even if you don’t follow them or have them as your friends on the app. You must see the stories publicly for them to be seen.

Can Snaps Be Seen By Everyone?

You can send a picture or video of yourself to a friend using Snapchat, a smartphone app. Even though your photos and videos cannot be seen by anyone but the person you are sending them to, everyone you are friends with on Snapchat can, in fact, see who you are sending most of your photos and videos to.

Who Can See My Snapchat Story Everyone?

If you visit the settings of the app, you can change who can view your story. You will see a ‘view my story…’ button when you scroll down to ‘who can…’. You can then select anyone, my friends, or custom from the list. You can block friends from seeing your story by clicking the custom option.

Can You Be Friends On Snapchat And Not See Their Story?

It is possible for people to block you from viewing their stories, but still keep you as friends, if this happens you will never be able to see the person’s story, but you will still be able to send them Snapchats and see their Snapchat scores.

Why Cant I See My Friends Stories On Snapchat?

There are many reasons, but the main one is that they haven’t shared the story in 24 hours. They block you. It is their privacy settings that prevent the public from seeing their stories.

Can You See Snapchat Stories If You’re Blocked?

Snapchat stories will not be available unless they are set to Everyone if you have only been removed. The settings will not change if you are blocked, however. The Discover menu is not really an indicator of what you’re looking at.

How Do You See Hidden Stories On Snapchat?

  • The Stories screen will appear when you tap it.
  • To view hidden stories, select ‘View Hidden Stories’.
  • You can un-hide a story by tapping it on the Story you wish to see again.
  • When I Block Someone From Seeing My Snapchat Story They Still See It?

    You won’t be able to know they’ve blocked you from seeing your Story, and they’ll still be able to message you as usual.

    Are Snaps Really Private?

    Snapchat’s encryption is limited to snaps only, so it does not apply to text messages or group chats, according to Digital Information World.

    Can People See Your Snaps If You Aren’t Friends?

    If your contact’s privacy settings allow them to receive snaps from “Everyone,” they will be able to view your snaps. In the meantime, the snap will be listed as “Pending” in your message list until they return it.

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