Marketing is very prominent and important in today’s society. Consumerism is one of the main economic ideology’s that people follow in society and marketing helps to encourage consumerism. Marketing is important if you’re selling anything because without it you would not be able to promote your products and raise awareness around them. If people are unaware that your product exists then no one will purchase it so marketing is a great way to get your product out there. On top of promoting product awareness marketing also helps to build up your brand’s credibility making it more likely for people to purchase from you, it helps to build trust in you from potential buyers and is usually informative in a fun way which most audiences react well to. Marketing has changed over the years and there are now many different branches of marketing. In recent years using social media for marketing has become popular, one of the most successful marketing strategies is to use TikTok as if it’s good it can reach millions of people, if you want to reach as many people as you can then you can buy tiktok views at popularitybazaar, the more views you have the more the TikTok algorithm will show your advertisement to other people. Covert marketing is a type of discrete marketing, various tactics have been developed and are used to secretly market a product to potential buyers. There are plenty of techniques to do this, some more successful than others and if you have a product you want to market, we’ve found 7 of the best techniques.  

Product Placement

Product placement is a covert marketing technique that has proven to be really successful. It is when a product that you’re trying to market is featured in productions that are going to reach a large audience. An example of this is in the famous Bond movie Casino Royale, Ford paid millions of dollars to have Bond drive one of their cars as this would advertise their cars to millions of Bond fans who otherwise may not see any Ford adverts. 

Brand Communities

Brand communities are another great covert marketing technique, many brands have loyal fans and many people will appreciate a brand that reflects their personality, when this is the case it’s possible to create a brand community. An example of a successful brand community is the Harley Owners Group, it helps with marketing as they organize motorcycle trips which allow other people in the community to see the bikes and become interested in the community too.  


Conditioning is a technique that aims to change the attitude of consumers by encouraging them to associate a positive feeling with your brand or your product. An example of conditioning is that people associate the sound of a can being opened with Coca-Cola, thanks to their advertising with the use of this sound.  

Masked Marketing

Masked marketing is also popular, the basis of this technique is that the company’s identity will not be obvious to the consumer. The message behind the marketing will be explicit but the identity will be masked, this is usually done by using celebrities and brand ambassadors to advertise on their behalf.  

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is one of the most successful types of covert marketing, it involves encouraging consumers to spread awareness online. This is great as people are much more likely to trust what their friends and family would recommend or companies will have online competitions to try and help spread awareness of their products. 



Youth Marketing

Youth marketing can be one of the hardest as young people are the most difficult to market to. The best technique that has been found for this demographic is a covert technique that involves having a young person involved with the company who can pass on the company’s message to other young people in a social environment, making it seem natural. 


This is a slightly less subtle covert marketing technique but is still very successful, both information and commercial messages are given to consumers. An example of this is that in chef shows they may be preparing food and talk about the utensils they’re using to make people want to purchase them too.