The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone all across the globe in some way or the other. The entire human lifestyle has been changed. Where earlier people interacted by participating in social gatherings, parties, get-togethers, and more, during the current scenario, it is impossible to engage through these common methods of interaction.

People now have to interact through virtual modes of communication to maintain social distancing norms during this pandemic. Things have changed greatly and so, your marketing strategy needs to be changed as well. If you wish to grow your business during the pandemic then you can follow a few simple steps to develop a good strategy for inducing great marketing techniques.  With the help of these points, you can generate some new or additional customers while also catering to the old ones and publicizing your products.

Keeping in mind the four points to improve your social media marketing techniques can help you in generating intuitive and engaging content for your audiences.

  1. Focusing on Marketing during the pandemic

It is important to know why social media marketing is so important especially during this pandemic. Once you know the reason, you will be able to create better online content. During the age of this pandemic, everyone has been forced to spend time inside their homes to reduce the risk of catching the novel coronavirus.

As most of the people have been forced to stay at home, they will inevitably be spending most of their time on the widely accessible resource, the internet. The Internet remains to be the only source of entertainment for the 7 billion people in the entire world who have to spend most of the time sitting at their homes.

Social Media sites are the sites that receive the highest data traffic on the entire internet and during the pandemic, the stats have gone even higher.

Since March 2020, around the time the pandemic was declared officially, the social media sites witnessed an increase of approximately 70% in their usage stats. For these people, social media remains to be the only way of staying updated and keeping intouch with their friends and family.

It is important to utilize this unnatural growth in the usage of social media apps in such a manner that the companies can make the most benefit out of it. Since Social media marketing is extremely cost-effective especially in the current situation, it can help you reach the masses without even spending much on marketing.

Your content can reach large audiences without you having to increase your expenses. This way, you can generate additional customers and also keep your current customer-base engaged. It is a great way to encourage sales.

  1. Knowing the needs of your audience

Now that you know why it is important to engage your audience during the pandemic to increase the overall sales and promote your business, it is important to start by knowing what your customers exactly want or require.

This could be easily done by checking the insights of your page and deriving the demographic information of your social media audience. You can easily use social media tracking tools to check this information. Find out the age, gender, occupation, nationality, and other factors of the majority of your audience.

After finding this information, you can begin the process by simply putting yourself in the shoes of your customer base and thinking about things from their perspective. If the majority of your customers are the youth then try to think from their perspective and so on.

Now, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What problems do the youngsters face the most during the pandemic?
  • How do youngsters tend to react during the lockdown?
  • What are the needs of the youth in the current scenario?
  • How can the youth cope with staying at home?

You might have done this assessment earlier but the pandemic has affected everyone and changed their lifestyles greatly. This is why it is important to assess the needs of your customers all over again.

  1. Catering to their needs

Now that you know what your customers want and require during the pandemic, it is your turn to cater to their needs and highlight the features of your product or service that can ease their situation.

For example, if your product is a mobile phone then you can target your marketing fixated on the fact that how a good phone could let the customers cope with the lockdown better. Highlight the USP of your phone by correlating it with the current pandemic situation so that it makes more sense to your customers.

For instance, you can tell how they can play heavy and addictive games on the phone without any lag or stutter owing to the powerful processor.

Or how they can improve their social media by clicking great pictures and making impressive videos to pass their time while being productive, owing to the amazing camera on the phone.

Or how they can spend hours watching their favorite shows, talking to their friends, playing games, browsing the internet, and also working from home for a very long time owing to the impressive battery life.

Even if your product or service does not cater to their specific needs, you can still try to find some features of the product that can still be beneficial to the customers during the pandemic.

  1. Being intuitive and empathetic

If you have decided how to promote your product correlating it with the pandemic then all that’s left now is to bring about some innovation in your content. Make it attractive, intriguing, and innovative. Add some “human touch” to it by using simple words and empathizing with their situation so they feel that the company also understands their situation. This will create a good impression on the customers as they feel that the company is trying to help them in this difficult situation.

Now that you are all set, it is time to promote your products and grow your business even in the current situation!