WATCH As Waffle Shop Customers BLOCK Officer From Enforcing Closure Order

FRESNO, Calif. (ABC 30) -- Police have released body camera video of a confrontation between an officer and a crowd of patrons at a Fresno waffle restaurant that has been fighting with the city over closure orders.

The Waffle Shop has already been warned and then fined $1,000 for staying open in defiance of city and state closure orders meant to help contain the spread of coronavirus.

On Sunday an officer pulled up to help city Code Enforcement at the restaurant. A small crowd had gathered in front of the doors, blocking the entrance. The crowd clearly does not want the officer to enter the restaurant.

As he gets closer to the front entrance, a man and woman continue to stand in his way, not letting him enter the door. After a brief discussion and some jostling, the officer has the man put his hands behind his back and leads him out to the parking lot.