Man Arrested for Live Streaming Block Party During Coronavirus [VIDEO]

Police: ‘complete disregard for public safety’

700 WLW Cincinnati
Less than 12 hours after a street party in Over the Rhine and more than 50 thousand views of his viral social media post, Cincinnati Police have arrested the man they say publicly urged others to ignore the stay home order aimed at slowing the spread of COVID 19. Rashaan Davis is behind bars for violating the order and police are asking for a high bond so that he stays there during this pandemic.

On the post, Davis is seen saying "this is how we do it my city, man. I don't give a f@*k about the coronavirus. This is how we celebrate coronavirus." In the video you can see a large crowd gathering at Walnut and Liberty with people jumping up and down on stopped cars. The post drew the wrath of a number of people on Twitter including Reds catcher Tucker Barnhardt. He wrote, "I’m trying to take care of my family and play some baseball this summer. Get your dumbasses in your house. This makes me f*ing sick and should make you feel the same."

Some language here: The man brags about having 2K on his live stream.

While you're home in quarantine with your family and wearing a mask at the grocery store, here's what they were doing Friday night.

PHOTO HERE at the Cincinnati Herald