Fake News on Steroids: Chris Cuomo Leaves Basement For First Time in 3 Weeks [VIDEO]

I've been following Fake News CNN for years and I'm even surprised they would try a stunt like this.

Chris Cuomo last night, battling Coronavirus, magically emerges from his basement for the very first time to see the wife and kids....And it's caught on video!!!

Everybody knows, Chris Cuomo, just last week was with his wife and children OUTSIDE his home on Long Island, when he got into a verbal spat with a man who was questioning him on why he wasn't in quarantine. It was so bad, the man filed a complaint with police

So there's not a hint of truth to any of this video below, and CNN's Sanjay Gupta plays right along.


via washingtontimes
CNN’s Chris Cuomo was roasted on social media Monday night after CNN aired a segment of the prime-time host emerging from his basement allegedly for the first time since being diagnosed with the new coronavirus, more than one week after he got into a verbal spat in the Hamptons with a bicyclist who scolded him about not social distancing.
The man, identified as 65-year-old David, said he was riding his bike by Mr. Cuomo’s Long Island property on April 12 when he noticed Mr. Cuomo congregating with his wife, another woman and three kids who were playing on the property. The man said he got into a verbal spat with Mr. Cuomo after he asked why the CNN host was not following the social-distancing guidelines ordered by his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
So here it is.
“The very moment ChrisCuomo emerged from his basement, where he’s been riding out coronavirus for the last several weeks,” read a tweet from “Cuomo Prime Time.”

Here's the video. A 1000% hoax and everybody plays right along, sticking to the script.
You don't have to wonder why CNN has ZERO credibility.