FAKE NEWS: Crying Nurse in CBS Video Hasn't Worked at Hospital In Last Year


Several days ago, CBS News tweeted out a now-viral video of a nurse crying over not being able to wear a mask. The description made it sound as if her hospital had run out of or outright denied her use of protective equipment. The indication was clear. This was Trump’s fault because doctors and nurses aren’t getting the supplies they need.

The woman who admits she has serious mental issues having a breakdown over procedures she didn’t understand. Her social media is rife with oddities, including a three-week-old video in which she mocks the current pandemic.

That didn’t stop CBS News from pushing this without even attempting to vet it. Now, they have issued a “correction” and it’s channeling Dan Rather’s “fake but accurate” claim.

The Federalist reports
“So it turns out this [CBS] video is entirely fraudulent,” Schachtel reports.”Yet CBS had a producer add music, captions, etc to it without even vetting this fraud. Good job guys. So she had been on the job for a day, after taking a year off to pursue something resembling an Instagram model career, and she ‘quit’ because of the conditions. Deliberate misrepresentation of her career means you cannot take her other statements at face value.”

Here is the fraudulent video again.
Notice CBS News added the captions and the background music to give the video maximum punch before they posted to their Instagram and Twitter pages