CNN Panelist: Nobody Here Doesn't Want Donald Trump Defeated [VIDEO]

There it is right there....

Verifying what we have known for years – that CNN and their supposed objective “journalists” and contributors are actively working against President Trump and his re-election.

Alexandra Rojas let it slip, saying on-air yesterday, as she gestured to a panel that included David Axelrod, Gloria Borger and Anderson Cooper:

“What I think that means right now is that millennials, we want Donald Trump to be defeated, too. I think there is nobody here that does not want Donald Trump to be defeated. And I think the question that I would ask, that I think Joe Biden, as what looks like to be the presumptive nominee who needs to also focus on also unifying the party, is the fact that millennials are going through their second recession right now. You have to be able to appeal to them.”

Watch the video: To her immediate right is Anderson Cooper and Gloria Borger