MSNBC Bothered Because 'This Senate Has No John McCain' Anymore [VIDEO]

via newsbusters
It is always a sad day for the media when they realize that the Republican Party that exists in the real world is nothing like the one that exists on their large impeachment panels. MSNBC congressional correspondent Kasie Hunt had that revelation on Wednesday where she lamented that there was no media-pandering John McCain-esque figure to defy President Trump and Mitch McConnell on whether to call additional witnesses.

Following comments from former RNC chairman Michael Steele, Hunt summarized the current state of the Republican Party, "Yeah, can I put it this way? This Senate has no John McCain." Steele then interjected to agree, "Bingo.


It's real simple. Courage to the lib media are lawmakers who oppose Trump. Someone who will stand up to him from his own party.

They loved guys like McCain who will take the microphone out of an audience member's hand who is slamming Obama, someone who gives a thumbs down on the health care repeal vote and joins Dems. That is courage. That is integrity.