Trump Ending 'Endless Wars' By Sending 2,800 More Troops To Saudi Arabia

2 days after saying we're pulling troops out of Syria and bringing them home to end 'stupid, endless wars,' Trump announces he will send 2,800 more troops to Saudi Arabia, not only that, he'll supply two squadrons of fighter jets to Saudi Arabia as tensions increase with Iran.

By the way, I'm pretty sure the Saudis  'didn't help us' in WW2 and 'didn't help us with Normandy' also.....

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration said Friday it is sending 2,800 more troops, fighter jets and missile defense weaponry to Saudi Arabia to help bolster the kingdom’s defenses after a September attack on its oil facilities.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper ordered the deployment of additional service members, two fighter squadrons, one air expeditionary wing, two Patriot Missile batteries and one THAAD missile defense system. With the additional deployment announced Friday, Esper said U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia will number approximately 3,000.

"Saudi Arabia is a longstanding security partner in the Middle East and has asked for additional support to supplement their own defenses and defend the international rules based order," said Esper. "In response to Iranian provocation since May, the U.S. has deployed an array of additional capabilities to the region.